What is Being Tested and the Hypothesis

What is Being Tested and the Hypothesis

This research seeks to establish the trends among women and men with respect to their consumption of sodas. First and foremost, the research recognizes the fact that both women and men constitute the primary consumers of sodas. The consumption trends of both women and men have been observed to be more or less the same whereby they have been noted to consume similar quantities of sodas (Halpern & Kaste, 2013). However, this research has been necessitated by the fact that recent observations indicate that women might be consuming more sodas than men. O’Brien-Nobars (2011) notes that lots of women have been observed drinking sodas resulting to the conclusion that there might be indeed a significant variation in the consumption habits between men and women. This can be attributed to a variety of factors which unfortunately are beyond the scope of this research. The research seeks to establish the current consumption habits among both women and men through quantitative analysis that will analyze the average quantity of soda consumed by both women and men and then compare the results in order to determine which group consumes more soda.

Hypothesis: Women drink more soda than men.


Halpern, L. & Kaste, L. (2013). Evidence-Based Women’s Oral Health: An Issue of Dental Clinics. New York: Elsevier.

O’Brien-Nobars, L. (2011). Alternative Sweeteners (4th Ed.). New York: CRC Press.

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