NP/DNP University Admissions Essay

1. Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education. (4000 characters max) 

2. Loma Linda University’s mission is to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The University realizes its mission through the values of compassion, excellence, humility, integrity, justice, teamwork and wholeness. Briefly explain how your personal values align with the values of Loma Linda University and how such values will guide your service to humanity. (4000 characters max) 

3. Tell us the desirable qualities that you see in yourself, as well as experiences and/or achievements (e.g., places of employment, licensures, certifications, volunteerism, etc.) that might be helpful for us to know as we consider your application. (4000 characters max) 

4. LLU believes deeply in integrating spiritual values into the educational experience. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe such a faith-based education would be of special benefit to you. (4000 characters max)