Weight training

Do research on the benefits and risks of exercise and youth. Give at least five resources (no
more than five years old) and state the findings of your research. Is weight training safe
and effective for young people? If not, why not?


Weight training by young people is a matter that has been subject to countless myths
(Faigenbaum 2009). Many parents are reluctant to allow their children to practice weight training
because they believe that it will stunt their growth. This means that they believe that their
children will not grow to their full heights (Hahn 2009). Many parents and teachers are also
unwilling to let their children and students to practice weight training because they believe it to
be a dangerous practice for the kids. They are always afraid that the kids will hurt themselves in
the process.

Benefits of weight training on young people

Weight training was long considered to be unfit for young people but recent studies have
shown that weight training on young people is indeed beneficial to them. One of the benefits that
young people get from weight training is that there is a boost of motor-unit activation (Reynolds
2010). This happens within their muscles soon after training. This helps in boosting muscle
contraction. Weight training increases a young person’s muscle strength and general endurance
ion activities that require strength. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff (2012), weight training
also reduces the risk of injury when a young person is engaging in sports such as athletics, soccer
and basketball. Weight training makes muscles and joints less prone to injuries and therefore
making young people excel in sporting activities.

Weight training increases strengthens bones for the young people hence making them
strong (Reynolds 2010). According to the Mayo Clinic Staff (2012), another benefit is that due to
weight training, young people gain healthy blood pressure and subsequently shielding them from
cardiac arrests as they grow older. Young people benefit from a healthy weight. This makes them
have recommended cholesterol levels and their self-esteem and confidence increases (Platt


It is crucial for young people to practice weight training because of the many health
benefits that come from it. Weight training not only makes young people lead a good life but it
also shields them diseases like heart attacks which are brought by obesity. Parents and children
should therefore let young people practice weight training because the benefits of it surpass the



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