Utilize quantitative techniques and tools to analyze data

Title Case study
Assignment type Case Study
Discipline Statistics
Description The purpose of this assignment is to utilize quantitative techniques and tools to analyze data relevant to business decision making. Your supervisor has asked you to analyze data related to the “Managing Ashland MultiComm Services” case presented in the textbook. You will summarize your analysis in a written report that is supported with the Excel files and outputs associated with the specified textbook problems Refer to “Chapter 2 Case Study Data Set” and the “Chapter 9 Case Study Data Set” to complete the assignment. and Data Sets for Chapter 9. Use the “Case Study Report Template” to create the written report. Part 1 Complete the following “Managing Ashland MultiComm Services” case questions. Chapter 2, Questions 1 and 2 Chapter 3, Questions 2 and 3 Chapter 5, Questions 1‐3 Chapter 9, Questions 1 and 2 You are required to show all of your work and formulas in Excel and submit the Excel files to receive credit for the assignments. Part 2 Reflect on the “Managing Ashland MultiComm Services” case information presented throughout the assigned questions in Part 1. In a 500‐750 report to your supervisor, address the following. Use the “Case Study Report Template” to create the written report. Considering the Chapter 2 questions, identify and analyze the top recommendations for the focus of the business. Include two pareto charts and a bar or pie chart to support your recommendation. Considering the Chapter 3 questions, discuss what the data presented in the frequency diagram indicate about the decisions that would be most beneficial to the business. Include a histogram that summarizes the data. Considering the Chapter 5 questions, make recommendations about the kinds of services the business should offer and justify your selections. Pay special attention to question 3 and the probabilities associated with making each offer. Considering the Chapter 9 questions, interpret the results of the sample hypothesis test and make recommendations for the business based upon these results. Include justification for your recommendations.