Ultrasound Program and My Future Goals

Write an essay on why you are interested in the ultrasound program and future goals.

Reasons for My Interest in the Ultrasound Program and My Future Goals
Nursing is a dynamic and demanding career that requires a person to remain updated on
the most recent technologies and present high expertise in his or her activities. The nature of the
nursing career demands nurses to balance various medical skills with compassion and
collaborating with other professionals. In essence, a nurse should have a broad knowledge of
various medical procedures and techniques in order to utilize them accordingly. The ultrasound
program will offer me with an opportunity of developing my skills. The program will empower
me with the skills for conducting ultrasounds that are essential in capturing images of patient’s
internal organs and blood flow that would aid diagnostic and treatment procedures. After going
through the ultrasound program, I can utilize the ultrasound skills in various settings including
emergency rooms and intensive care units. For example, I can use ultrasound techniques in
addressing the challenge of intravenous line placement. In the intensive care units, I can also use
ultrasound to examine the bladder before positioning a catheter to ascertain that adequate volume
will be returned 1 . Particularly, I can use the ultrasound technology for minor obstetric
examinations and peripheral IV insertions. Furthermore, ultrasound technology is constantly
developing and improving which highlights the need of taking program in order to learn new

1 Mary Alexander and Ann Corrigan. Infusion nursing: an evidence-based approach. (St. Louis, Mo: Saunders/Elsevier, 2010).

My future goals entail growing to be a successful and a renowned nurse by developing
my nursing skills and improving my performance. I also intend to offer my clients outstanding
services that provide ultimate solution to their problems. I am inspired to work hard while
maintaining high degrees of professionalism in nursing in order to realize an attractive growth in
the nursing career. It is in these considerations that a value the significance of furthering my
skills by enrolling in supportive plans such as the ultrasound program.



Alexander, Mary, and Ann Corrigan. Infusion nursing: an evidence-based approach. St. Louis,
Mo: Saunders/Elsevier, 2010.