Types of PT provided client-related consultation

Types of PT provided client-related consultation
Project description
Option B: Research a type of PT provided client-related consultation. Submit a 2-3
page paper on the consultation activity, including but not limited to how a PT would get
involved in the activity, expertise required to serve as a consultant for that activity, who
would seek out the consultant’s services, reimbursement for consultative services, any legal
considerations, or risk related factors.
Note: Consultation is not patient care, teaching, or management. All PT’s provide
patient-related consultation. Client- Related consultation is when a PT has expertise in a
particular area and provides expert opinion regarding situations that do not directly
involve patient care. Examples of client-related consultation include: Ergonomic workplace
assessment, Rules and Regulations compliance, ADA compliance recommendations, Court
Testimony as an expert witness, Development of clinical or academic programs, Insurance
claim reviewer, etc,.

Write a paper about client-related consultation activities that a PT might engage in.
Your paper should include the type of consultative activity, how a PT would get involved in
the activity, education or expertise required to serve as a consultant for that activity,
reimbursement for consultative services (if any), and any legal or risk related factors
related to consultation work in that area. The emphasis of the paper should be on the role
of a PT as a consultant. For example, the paper should not be about ergonomics, but about
how a PT would serve as an ergonomic consultant.


Job site analysis refers to the process utilized in the determination and identification of
requirements and duties of a particular job into details. The JSA will effectively provide the
relative importance of the particular duties of the specific job (Burns & Decker, 2012). The
importance of the job site analysis is the establishment and the documentation of the
employment-related procedures such as compensation, training and also performance appraisal.
Job site analysis will also be identified as the task or work assessment conducted by the physical
therapist. The analysis will entail identification of the vital duties of a job and also the key
abilities and skills required for the completion of these tasks (Burns & Decker, 2012). The
physical therapist will be an effective consultant when it comes to the matter concerning job site
analysis. The physical therapist will offer consultancy through the combination of various

techniques reviewing the task description, reviewing of the objective measurement of forces and
also the observation of the job in a certain situation.
The physical therapist needs to be involved in the job site analysis to offer efficient
information during consultations (Nazmi, 2015). It is the role of the PT to provide adequate
information concerning the job specifications and requirements such as complexity, frequency,
standards and durations that are key during the performance of tasks. The physical therapist will
involve in analyzing the job site for the worker techniques employed, workers behaviors, causes
of fatigue among employees and also ergonomic factors. The PT will offer consultancy
information e.g. on the development of a plan based on the health administration and
occupational safety (Nazmi, 2015). The PT will actively be involved in the creation of a detailed
report to demonstrate the corrective recommendations and the observed risks identified by
adopting certain criteria in the performance of tasks. The PT will provide recommendations on
ways to increase efficiencies, safety for the high productivity of a business (De vries et al, 2014).

There are various requirements for the physical therapists to work as consultants when it
comes to the field of job site analysis. The physical therapist needs to have completed and the
undergraduate degree in the related field of interest. In this case, the PT should be conversant
with the matter concerning the best working environment required for the smooth operations at
the workplace (De vries et al, 2014). The physical therapist should be able to collaborate and
work closely with others to carry out effective that will lead to the offering of the best solution
for a particular business during consultancy. The physical therapist should be an expert when it
comes to solving problems by recommending viable solutions in case there is identifications of
problems after the job site analysis is complete (Nazmi, 2015). The PT should pass the National

Physical Therapy exams to earn accreditation by the agency for the physical therapy programs
and also the license. The physical therapists are reimbursed inform of salaries or money charged
per analysis. The money offered in term of salaries is paid by the business firms or individuals
receiving the job site analysis services. Bonuses offered as appreciation for the exemplary
services and provision of solutions is also used for the reimbursement of the physical therapists
as consultants in the job site analysis(Burns & Decker,2012). The PT should adhere the laws and
legal requirements set by the agency when carrying out the job site analysis activities. The
exploitation and provision of substandard services that without licenses might lead to the
nullification of the efforts and achievements the consultant (Nazmi, 2015).
There are risks related factors when the PT works as a consultant in the field of job site
analysis. The work environment may be unpleasant with conditions such as temperature
extremes, radioactive substances and also the noxious fumes. Aggressive or hostile people and
also the dangerous explosives pose many risks to the PT as consultants in the Jobsite analysis.


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