Treating Corona Virus Disease

Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine in
Treating Corona Virus Disease

To demonstrate public speaking skills, students will present both a 5-7 minute
videotaped persuasive speech in a public setting, meaning that they must present to
an audience of at least two members, and a either a speech outline or manuscript in
APA style using at least 4-6 scholarly sources. To deliver a successful persuasive
speech, students must choose a suitable persuasive topic, develop it clearly and
sufficiently with credible research, and incorporate effective visuals. A minimum of
4-6 scholarly sources must be used and cited during the speech in a manner that
highlights each source’s credibility, such as “According to a 2015 report from the
CDC”, as well as presented in a References page accompanying the manuscript or
outline. Students will share their speech with the class in a forum and submit a link
to their faculty along with an outline or manuscript. Be sure to address all rubric

Portfolio Artifact: Persuasive Speech Rubric (2)

Portfolio Artifact: Persuasive Speech Rubric (2)


Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by Corona virus.

Individuals affected experience increased respiratory illness.

Most of the patients recover without any specialized treatment.

Most People who die have underlying conditions.

Some people have argued that Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine
can treat the disease.

I disagree.

Lack of Scientific Backing

Has no any scientific backing.

NIAID has warned against its use(Holcombe et al., 2020). It’s

Guideline has also been dropped by the (Stanglin, 2020).

Lack of Scientific Backing Continuation

No drugs that are presently approved for the treatment of Covid-19.

Clinical trials are in progress.

The only possible cure of the drug in the website is malaria (CDC,

U.S. FDA has warned against the use of the drug.

Has adverse effects that include heart problems.



Covid-19 is still a global pandemic.

So far, there is no cure that has been scientifically proved.

However, the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine has
been fronted by some individuals as a possible cure.

Given that there is no evidence presented and adverse effect it is
likely to cause on the users, I strongly advise against its use. I
recommend for patience as clinical trials are ongoing in different
countries globally.


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