The reliability and validity

Discuss why you need to be aware of the reliability and validity of the data collection tool
that you are using in quantitative research project.

Reliability and validity of the data collection tool used in quantitative research project
Validity and reliability are important aspects in quantitative research. Tools used to
collect data for quantitative research therefore should be valid and reliable to ensure that the
results can be relied upon. This paper delineates on why it is important to be aware of the
reliability and validity of the data collection tools when conducting a quantitative research
One of the reasons for being aware of reliability and validity of these tools is to ensure
that they are the right tools to collect data for a particular population (Shields, 2004). Various
tools are available and some of them are not suitable in a given settings and therefore it becomes
prudent to understand the kind of tools that are appropriate to enhance validity and reliability of
the study.
Another reason is to ensure that the tools provide similar results through the test-retest
method in a different period. The tools for collecting information should be adapted in other
related studies and provide similar results. This ensures consistency and as well avoids
subjectivity of the results.
Being aware of reliability and validity of these data collection methods also contributes
to decision-making process on the side of the researchers on which tools incorporate and which
ones to avoid when conducting the study (Creswell, 2003). It gives an opportunity to the

researcher, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the various tools hence ensuring that the
most effective and appropriate tools are adopted in the study.
This awareness also helps the researchers to evaluate whether the information or data
collected can be defended when challenged or not. It is important that data collected be defended
and this can be done if the researcher was selective in choosing the data collection instrument.
In conclusion, validity and reliability of data collection tools is important for any
quantitative research. It makes the researcher to use tools that are appropriate to gather vital
information for analysis and interpretation of the study.



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