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To the Office of Advanced Dental Education
RE: Application for a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics
I take this opportunity to express my interest in undertaking my Master’s Degree in Orthopaedics
at the Loma University’s School of Dentistry.
Currently i am a Teaching assistant at the orthodontic division the University of Dammam (UD)
formerly known as King Faisal University Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I also completed my
Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the same institution, scoring a GPA of 3.86. In an online search
for Universities offering quality post graduate studies in Dental Sciences, I was pleased to come
across the Orthopaedics program of Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry. I settled on
Loma Linda University not just because of the academics aspect but also because of the fact that
this University has close ties to the Seventh Day Adventist movement and this is indicative of a
high level of discipline. I am a disciplined and self-motivated individual who strives to make a
difference and also maximize on the learning wherever he goes and this makes Loma Linda
University an ideal destination for my further studies. Furthermore, I come from a family that
adheres to strict moral standards and this has taught me the value that high moral standards adds
to a person’s outlook on life. The religious based education that is offered at Loma Linda
University will motivate me towards ensuring my future work adds value to human life.
The reason I am applying to Loma Linda University is that I admire the module that has been put
in place for students who are taking up Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics. The manner
in which the courses have been arranged and the time allocated to them is sure to equip me with
a quality post graduate education in dentistry. I especially appreciate the five goals of the
Advanced Speciality program that employ a multi-faceted approach to learning as they
complement each other and in the process strengthen the curriculum leaving the students as
My interest in Orthopaedics has been growing constantly and this has been nurtured through my
first undergraduate degree, seminars and workshops which I have attended and participated in,
professional events that I have participating in organizing and also my current experience as a
teaching assistant. These have always exposed me to a new element of the dental field thus

serving to confirm to me that it Orthopaedics is the right field for me. The University where I am
currently attached to has provided me with many great opportunities that have exposed me to
other dental professionals such as surgeons and academics who have widened the scope of my
outlook concerning this field of study.
Due to the above reasons, I reiterate my request to be granted an opportunity to study my
Master’s degree in Orthopaedics at the School of Dentistry of the Loma Linda University since it
offers me the best chance of becoming the best expert of orthopaedic surgery that I can be.
I am very grateful to you for considering my request and therefore look forward to your positive

Yours faithfully,
Abdulaziz Saeed Alamri