The New Health Care Facility

The New Health Care Facility

Chief Executive Officer








Billing and collection

Health education

Medical records

Information system

Human resources

Physical therapy

Cancer treatment



Medical laboratory

Cardiology neurology


Emergency medicine

Organizational chart


To be a World Class hospital in the
provision of specialized and
innovative healthcare to enhance and
promote health


To provide accessible specialized
quality healthcare to the community

To facilitate medical training and

To participate in the national health
care planning and policy

Values statement

Provide high quality evidence based
health care

To recruit highly qualified professional

To uphold to moral and ethical standards
in provision of health care

To nature responsible professionalism
through culture mentorship

To embrace team work

Procedures that govern the hospital-physician


The contract is between the hospital and

Provision of conducive working conditions such
as facilities and remuneration

Provision of professional development to

Motivational strategies

Provision of disciplinary measures

Procedures that govern the
hospital-physician relationship


Cooperate and adhere to the rules and

Uphold professionalism when providing

Respect the management

Add value to the hospital by ensuring
that you provide quality healthcare

Procedures that govern the
physician-patient relationship


Physician’s responsibility is to provide
better services to enhance quality

Appropriate application of skills and

Always uphold ethics and moral standards
when dealing with the patients

Exhibit commitment and dedication

Procedures that govern the
physician-patient relationship


Provide essential information
concerning ailments

To respect the medical practitioners

Cooperate and follow instructions of
the medical practitioners as prescribed

Negligence and liability issues

Negligence is failure on the part of the hospital
and physicians to take appropriate steps to
remedy a situation

Liability is to be indebted to or to be responsible
for an possible or actual loss. Consequently, as a
physician, putting into consideration liability and
negligence issues is imperative to avoid being
entangled in ethical and law issues or judicial

Situation under which liability for
negligence occurs when there is:

Failure to conform to the standard of conduct

Duty, obligation or care that requires a certain
standard of care

A reasonable causal connection between
failure to conform to the standards of conduct

When there is an actual loss of injury

Example of Negligence and liability issues

Provision of security to the physicians and

Ensuring that there is no embezzlement of
funds or corruption by the employees

In competence practitioners

Lack of training or manuals or procedures

Absence of protocols and procedures to
monitor the direct services of the professionals

Example of Negligence and liability issues


Issues to do with end of life decisions

Lack of referral activities and mechanisms in
case of emergencies such as ambulance

Absence of systematic quality control
mechanisms to check quality of services

Lack of procedures or periodical review
consents from clients

Lack of clearly understood procedures for
emergency care and subsequent reassessment

Referral services to be offered

Referral services in this context means status or
conditional that requires advanced check up.

Some of the referral services will include;

An emergency room that will be operational 24

The national referral hospital in the vicinity

An ambulance that will on standby to transport
patients that require high level of care

An Intensive Care Unit

Peer review system

A peer review system is a tested and
verified system that can be relied upon in
the organization. For rendering professional
judgments on disagreements between
professionals, patients and fiscal
intermediaries at the same time respecting
quality of care.

Procedure for its creation

The peer system is focused on finding out about the
quality of services provided by the doctors. Entire
department will discuss and agree on how the review
will be conducted. The reasons as to why the review
is important will also be discussed. Various questions
pertaining to the issue at hand will be important in
ensuring the success of the system.

Professionals from other institutions will be used to
assess the level of performance of the doctors in the
organization. They will use different measurements
to assess this performance.

A synopsis of how HMO insurance will be

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is an
institution that manages or provides managed
care for self-funded healthcare benefit plans,
health insurance, individuals and other entities
and usually acts as a liaison with providers of
healthcare such as doctors and hospitals on a
prepaid basis.

Handling HMO insurance

HMO insurance will be provided to individuals or
entities on emergency care.

Doctors and other professionals will have to sign
a contract to allow them provide treatment to
patients that have HMO insurance

Patients will be requiring referral by the primary
care physician for them to be permitted to see a
doctor or a specialist.


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