The McGinty/Moss assessment

When you have completed the assessment think about it for a minute, and how it
compares to the Academy, Baseball Team, Fortress, and Club cultures described by
McNamara in the Background reading. Then prepare a 3-page paper addressing:
� Your scores on the McGinty/Moss assessment and whether or not they fit your
general expectations or constitute a surprise in some ways. Interpret the results of the
assessment in terms of your own experience, either to confirm or to question the results.
Compare your findings with the McNamara categories.
� The degree to which the McGinty/Moss assessment and the McNamara information
tell you similar or dissimilar things about your organization.
� Do the assessment and the McNamara categories help improve your managerial
understanding and/or skills? What can you infer from the assessment results about how
your organization’s culture fits or doesn’t fit with you? What (if anything) can you do to
make your interaction with the culture more effective?
� Provide your opinion on whether or not the questions asked help you understand the
organization and how you cope with it. Do they accurately assess what is needed to
analyze a company’s culture?
� Include the actual results to the survey in an Appendix section in your paper.

Part 1

The McGinty/Moss assessment test revealed that the Salisbury VA hospital in North
Carolina has a traditional culture. The results matched with my understanding of the
organization culture that is present in the hospital (McGnity and Moss, 2001). The hospital
has been present for many years and has managed to develop a stable organizational culture
that does support the simultaneous growth of their employees and the hospital. The hospital
has an upward growth mechanism for their employees. A good example is Doctor Subbarao
Pemmaraju who has been in the hospital since 2004 and has managed to ascend to the
position of Chief of staff in 2013 (Leadership Team -W. G. (Bill Hefner VA Medical Center-
Salisbury, NC, 2017).

Moreover, the culture in the hospital does allow for employee compensation for the
efforts they put into the growth of the hospital. The employees who come up with innovations
are rewarded and recognized. Stephanie Triplet was awarded a grant of more than $1.6
million for her innovations within the Veterans Health Administration. The aspect does
motivate other employees to input their knowledge and skills in the growth of the hospital.
Furthermore, the organization has measures in place that address various situations affecting
the staff and customers when it comes to service delivery (Leadership Team -W. G. (Bill
Hefner VA Medical Center- Salisbury, NC, 2017).
When comparing the results to the McNamara categories, I can confidently say that
the hospital’s culture does fall within the Academy culture. The culture has highly skilled
professionals who have managed to ascend the ranks within the hospital as discussed above
(McNamara, 2000). The difference between the two is that McGnity/Moss assessment does
provide a list of questions and type of cultures that enable one to identify the culture in their
organization categorically. The aspect makes the assessment objective and provides
authentic results. Contrariwise, McNamara only describes the types of culture and leaves one
to determine which one represents the organization culture. Hence it is subjective
(McNamara, 2000).

Part 2

There is a positive correlation between McGinty/Moss assessment and McNamara
information to the Salisbury VA hospital organization culture. They tell a lot of similar things
that are easily traced to the hospital’s culture. The organization has been present for many
years and have managed to establish a stable culture that promotes the growth of everyone
linked with them this has been highlighted in the two. Also, the description provided in both
assessments highlight the various concepts that are interlinked with the culture in the

organization. For example, employee growth and development within the hospital, a culture
linked to the mission, and compensation of their employees among others (About the W.G
(Bill Hefner VA Medical Center-Salisbury, NC, 2017).
Part 3

The assessment and McNamara categories help in improving my managerial
understanding of the organizational culture in the Salisbury VA hospital. They have helped
me identify the specific culture within the hospital which is beneficial in shaping the
activities to promote the development of the culture. Also, the McGinity/Moss assessment
pinpoints the pitfalls in the organization culture identified to simulate with that of the hospital
this makes the process of change to take place easily (McGnity and Moss, 2001). Moreover,
it does help me to fine tune my knowledge and skills to help me to grow within the hospital’s
culture. The aspect will enable me to relate to my fellow employees easily and enable them to
develop as I also grow.

Part 4

In my own opinion, the questions helped me in determining the type of culture within
the Salisbury VA hospital. The McGinty/Moss assessment has a total of 15 questions that are
segregated into three levels, each falling within one category of the organization culture
highlighted in the assessment (McGnity and Moss, 2001). The questions tackled various
concepts that are part of the organizational culture, hence making it easy to fit the
organization within one of the categories. The provision of further information provides
clarity on the type of culture that the hospital has concerning the assessment.
Furthermore, it does help me to determine whether my personal goals can be achieved
within the selected organization culture. In the case my personal goals are linked to the

hospital’s culture, then I will have to work towards improving my skills to succeed within the
hospital. On the other hand, in the case they are unaligned then I will have to alter my
personal goals to reflect the hospital culture to help me grow.
Part 5

The questions are limited when it comes to the concept of the organizational culture,
which makes them fail to provide a detailed positioning of the Salisbury VA hospital’s
culture. The questions, therefore, play a role in helping me partially understand the various
concepts concerning the culture in the hospital. The categorizing of the culture under the
establishment or stable culture does pinpoint me in the right direction when it comes to
gathering information about how the culture works. In the end, this will help to fine-tune my
personal goals to align with the hospitals to enable me to succeed in this environment.

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