The main goal of this company is carry out its business reasonably.

Unit I Assignment
Imagine that you are a Human Resources Director at a mid-sized company. Recently,
concerns have arisen over some unethical actions within the workplace. Various employees
have approached you with their concerns, and it is time for you to address them. Compose
a companywide email addressing the six ethical guidelines for work. Make sure you are
concise yet informative in your approach.
Some of areas of interest may include:
Sexual harassment
Dress code
Attendance policy
Vacation policy
Alcohol use, drug use, and smoking
? Bullying from supervisors or coworkers
After composing your e-mail, answer the following questions below it in the same

  1. Is this e-mail technical or academic writing? Why? What is the most important
    difference between the two?
  2. What are the different parts of an audience in a companywide e-mail? How did you
    approach dealing with each of their concerns?


The main goal of this company is carry out its business reasonably, impartially, in an
ethical and suitable manner, in accordance with the firm’s values and Code of Conduct, and in
full adherence with all laws and regulations. In the process of implementing the company

business, integrity should guide all company affairs, including those with clients, suppliers, and
societies and the workers. The greatest values of an ethical business conduct and adherence are
required of these company employees in execution of their company duties. Employees should
not engage in a conduct or activity that may negatively influence the firm’s honesty, fairness, or
character or else cause humiliation to the organization. Any conduct that is outlawed under the
Boeing policy or does not adhere with the laws and regulations might not be achieved on an
employee’s behalf by anybody outside of the organization. All employees should sign and adhere
by the company’s Code of Conduct that requires that they comprehend the code, and ask
questions, seek assistance, and articulate worries with respect to adherence with these standards
and the interconnected processes.
The company demands honesty and integrity in all business affiliations:
 No worker may instigate, invite, or accept services that are in conflict with the company’s
Code of Conduct.
 Business transactions executed on behalf of the organization should be accessible for
documentation in accordance with suitable business code of conduct.
Employees in the company should not engage in, or seek to influence a decision when
conditions that could diminish the assurance in a partner’s competence are present. Cases of
conflicting interest should be reported.

Employees must collectively be very careful about dishing out and acknowledging gifts or
other services. The company does not permit to give or acknowledge any type of individual
feels, provisions, or services that might be defined as attempts of influencing decisions.
Individual interests
Employees cannot have individual interests that conflict with the interests of the company,
and in so doing so might hurt the organization’s reputation. Thus, employees are expected
not to exploit their status in the company to gain personal advantages.
Information treatment and expert confidentiality
Information concerning business activities should be precise and truthful. Workers should not
intentionally dish out vague information.
Overall, the email is a technical writing since it explains to the employees the steps to achieving
a task therefore anybody can do it. The audience in a companywide e-email is everyone who
interacts with the organization. I would first begin with a soft approach.


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