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Thinking about your group’s collaboration, how would you rate your success in applying
the principles of leadership, governance, and management in the creation of your vision
and mission and in the decision-making process used to create your action plan? Provide a
specific example that illustrates how your team performed effectively and a second example
that illustrates an opportunity for improvement in team collaboration.
Based upon what you know about your own leadership style and traits and those of the
other group members, explain two ideas you have about how you could help other group
members develop their leadership skills.
Considering the leadership styles and traits of your teammates, discuss what you have
learned about leadership from your teammates and provide an example of one new
leadership strategy or technique you can implement to improve your leadership skills


Teamwork is an integral feature of the working community today. Organizations leverage
workers grouped into bridge-functional groups to accomplish excellent work initiatives. As
learners transfer from college to the workplace, it is likely that they will be anticipated to serve
and interact with everyone else. With the popularity of functioning in teams around the world,
assessing each encounter is meaningful; reinforcing healthy observations and recognizing the
knowledge gained.
 In applying the principles of leadership, governance, and management in the creation of
our vision and mission and in the decision-making process used to create your action plan I can
rate our success at 96% as they could dispute the consensus opinion whilst triggering indignation
or apathy; they could simultaneously focus on the large and little images, and reverse track if
their preferred direction proves wrong; and they guide with diligence along with grassroots

activism, and with determination and even order, working all the time from a dearly held
modesty and reverence for others (Luebbers, 2016).
Improving a squad is a vital element of the leadership role, be it a new coach lead or an
accomplished boss. You are in a tremendous place as a squad leader to determine the way in
which your staff operates, to determine which coaching they ought to achieve best results,
working intently with L&D to provide the appropriate coaching to the appropriate individuals at
the perfect moment (Luebbers, 2016). Secondly, as a matter of practice, you can always
guarantee you send your staff lots of good input.
The greatest approach I can learn is to build numerous avenues for generating and
evaluating proposals, as creating and conveying thoughts is a crucial competence for tactical
executives. More crucial still is the willingness to relate your insights to the direction the
organization generates interest.



Petty, G. M., Dolansky, M., & Luebbers, E. (2016). Practicing inter-professional
teamwork among nursing and medical students. J Nurs Care, 5(330), 2167-1168.

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