Teach our children about food to decrease obesity in the United States


Please read the General Format & Rubric posted in the content area. You must follow the instructions. In general, the paper should be 2-3 pages. If you submit less than 2 pages, you will be penalized. The papers must be college-level that follows spelling and grammatical standards. Also, you must include the appropriate in-text citations and references.

The writing assignment will be an analysis paper to the article, video or TedTalk posted in the discussion board. You are expected to 1) evaluate your original response. You are expected to integrate all of this information, and analyze your own learning about the topic. The purpose of this paper is to close the loop.

You can use your original post for writing the assignment but you must go beyond copying and pasting. You are required to read and incorporate the feedback from your classmates. Your classmates will have incredible insights and knowledge. Finally, there will be time when I may ask you to answer specific answers. A common mistake is that you do not follow the instructions in the discussion board and/or you do not actually answer the questions that you were asked. I will hold you accountable for your participation in this manner.

Rubric and Instructions for paper


• The paper should between 2-3 pages long (points will be deducted if less than 2 pages).

• You must include citation information for any material you consult, including the textbook, videos or classmate’s information. Use APA format and follow the index at the back of the book for examples.

• You do not need to include a title page.

• You will receive a zero in the assignment if you do not properly use in-text citations and/or cite all references. Also, they must be in the same file to receive credit.

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