Electronic Medical Records

Assessment/ Implementation Plan Assignment for The OLINDA/EXM personal computer.Prepare an implementation plan for use of this device or system in a patient care setting.Your plan should include the following components:Description of the Setting and Who will use the device or systemDescription of the patient/client population to be servedTimeline for implementing the systemPlan for staff training-include […]

Advanced Pathophysiology – Cancer

Advanced Pathophysiology Literature Review RequirementsComplete a literature review on any course related topic. Includebackground information such as cause, incidence, mortality, morbidly andgenetic component. Then identify any Healthy People 2020 indicators pertinent tothe topic and tie it into you own practice. Include at least 6-10 articles fromnursing or health care related professional peer reviewed journals. The […]

Treatment of Renal Calculi

Identify and select appropriate interventions includingdiagnostic tests and nursing interventions. Analyze physiological and psychologicalresponses to illness and treatment modalitiesPurpose: Examine case studies related to renal and urologic systems and answer theassigned questions. This assignment should help refine your clinical/critical thinking skillsWhat are the treatment options for renal calculi based on the cause of the stones? […]

Physiological and psychological responses to illness and treatment modalities

Objectives: Identify and select appropriate interventions including diagnostictests and nursing interventions. Analyze physiological and psychological responses toillness and treatment modalitiesPurpose: Examine case studies related to renal and urologic systems and answer theassigned questions. This assignment should help refine your clinical/critical thinking skills.Assignment Description: Answer the questions in the grading criteria related to each of thepatients […]

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Healthcare

A. Evaluate the two policies in the attached “Health Record Policies” by doing the following: Discuss what information should be included in an addendum pertaining to a shadow chart. Discuss how information technology staff can help decrease incidents of security breaches.B. Discuss one situation from Montana Code 41-1-402 (2a through 2d) that may result in […]

Healthcare Coding and Compliance

A. Outline a HIM compliance plan that emphasizes the coding function by doing thefollowing: Describe the necessary components of the plan. Explain the responsibilities of the staff who implement each component of the plan. Explain the link between HIM and three external agencies that monitor compliance.a. Explain how these agencies disseminate information.B. Outline guidelines for […]

Healthcare Compliance and Coding Management

Introduction:Read the attached “Healthcare Compliance and Coding Management EffectivenessScenario,” (File Attachment)which describes several problems you might face as a newlyhired health information management (HIM) department manager. This task will help youto think through the process of determining which types of coding functions are necessaryfor the HIM department. It will also help you in evaluating staff […]

Oral Health and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Oral Health and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan AfricaOral health simply refers to the state of being free from persistent or chronicillnesses/conditions such as mouth and facial pain, oral sores, throat and oral cancer, gum diseaseas well as other disorders and diseases affecting the mouth and oral cavity (1). People who havehuman immunodeficiency virus (HIV), virus that […]

The relationship of health histories, health care and health outcomes

Please elaborate upon the role of gender and ethnicity in your discussion of healthoutcomes as well. What are the differences in health outcomes related to gender andethnicity? What are the causes of these disparities in the health of older individuals? Besure to discuss cumulative disadvantages in relation to health and illness.The paper must be two […]

Team working toward implementing new technologies inhealthcare organization

Informatics Evaluation and Outcomes and Effectiveness Research – Health Informatics andResearch ProcessHealth informatics professionals participate in teams working toward implementing newtechnologies in their healthcare organization. There is a need in the body of knowledge ofhealth informatics and information management for research studies to support theeffectiveness of utilizing health information technology (HIT), particularly as it impactsclinical […]

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