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Research Question: What makes the philosophy of mind different than philosophy o

Research Question: What makes the philosophy of mind different than philosophy of science
Thesis: The philosophy of mind relies on psychotherapy to assess and treat mental illnesses, the philosophy of science relies on pharmacology to assess and treat mental illness, both can be helpful resources to individuals.
(APA Format)
Professor Wants: Your thesis statement is the answer to the subject you are trying to explain. It is the result of reading and thinking about the topic of your essay. After collecting and organizing your annotated bibliography (text + 4 sources), develop your thesis statement.
Based on your annotated bibliography, submit an 8-10-page Expository essay to which you add a title page, an abstract (120 words) and a reference page (textbook + 4 additional sources). Submit this writing assignment as a Microsoft Word document using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing, and 1-inch margins. Number pages in the upper right hand corner. See the template provided in Course Resources.
Text Book Used: Chung, M. C., & Hyland, M. E. (2012). History and philosophy of psychology. Wiley.

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