Successful public health intervention

To facilitate a successful public health intervention, a realistic outline of proposed expenses for the intervention is necessary. A proposed budget provides potential funders with an accurate description of expenses and justification for those expenses as they relate directly to the project objectives. A transparent and accurate budget is essential for public health program implementation. A work plan outlines the plan to implement a program within a timeframe and with a set budget.

For this two-part assignment, complete the following:

Part 1

Review the “Program Budget Resource” prior to beginning your budget. Use the “Program Budget Template” to create the budget, and proposal and justification for your proposed program.

Part 2

Use the “Work Plan Template” to outline the activities and timeline for the implementation of your program.

Program Budget

  1. Personnel
Staff PositionYearly Salary% of TimeFringe Benefits (as % or additional cost)Total Amount (Do not add fringe benefits twice.)
Project Manager$50,00050% ($50,000×0.5)= $25,00025,000 x 0.25=$6,250$31,650
Project Coordinator$40,00050% ($40,000×0.5)= $20,00020,000 x 0.25=$5,000$25,000
ProgramEducator$30,00050% ($30,000×0.5)= $15,00015,000 x 0.25=$3,750$18,750
Total$120,000                $60,000                $15,000$75,400
Staff PositionJustification
Project ManagerProject Managerwill be the overallin-charge of the project. The project manager will coordinatecollaborationbetween the project and the relevantexternal stakeholders.Project manager will be responsible for the evaluation oftheproject.
ProjectCoordinatorThe project coordinator will ensure: availability of personnel and supply data collection and use of relevant data training andimplementation oftheproject activities.
Project educatorsThe educators willcreateawareness about the program to target community and stakeholders.
  • Travel
Item Personnel/ Description of Travel Event ExpensesAmount
Item 1The projecteducator, projectcoordinator and project manager 1 trip x 3 people x 500 miles x .30/mile$405
 Perdiemfor 2 days x $40/day x 3people$240
JustificationThe projecteducator, project coordinator and project manager will travel to Texas, to educate the localpopulationon the healthy diet and physical exercise,ensure the availability of supplies and coordinate with the local government of officials.   
  • Equipment
Equipment ItemJustificationAmountTotal
Teachingmaterials: Computers, walls charts and mark pensThe projecteducatorswill need teachingmaterials to carryout public awareness on the project.$600$600
Datacollection  tools: QuestionnairesThe projectcoordinatorwill require questioners to evaluate the impactof the project.$150$150
Total $750
  • Supplies
Supply ItemJustificationAmountTotal
OfficesuppliesOfficesupplieswillbe used by the projecteducator, manager and coordinatorsin their respectiveoffices.150 x10$1500
Total $1500
  • Consultant
Consultant/ Organizational  AffiliationServices to Be Rendered and Relevance to Service ProjectNumber of DaysExpected Rate of Compensation
CDCImplications of obesity morbidity on the project.2150per day x 2 days=300
CDCPost projectevaluation.5200per day x 2 days=400
Total  Total $700
  • Total Direct Costs
Budget ItemTotal Amount
Personnel        $120,000               
Fringe $15,000
Travel $645
Equipment      $750
  • Budget Proposal and Justification

Texas has the highest population of Hispanics. The Hispanics make up the highest population in Texas (U.S. Census Bureau, 2019). Social-cultural factors predispose the Hispanics to obesity. The project goal is to reduce and prevent obesity among Hispanics living in Texas (Ogden, et al., 2017).  The two approaches to be used by the project are nutritional and body weight management. Healthy people 2020 recommends body weight management and nutritionalintake as the two main strategies to managing bodyweight and preventing obesity and overweight. The project, therefore, needs consultationservices on the evaluation of the program based on Healthy People 2020 guidelines (DHHS, 2017).

The targeted population will be educated on the Healthy People 2020 body weight and nutritionalmanagement guidelines. The targeted population will be educatedon the rate, frequency and type of physical exercises. The target population will be educated on the types of foods that contribute toobesity and need for a balanced diet to maintain body weight. Therefore, the budget needs to include expenses for the program awareness creationto the targeted population.

The project will collaborate with the local authority to develop strategies to support appropriate nutrition and body weight management.  Therefore, the project coordinator and manager will need to travel to Texas and engage the local authority. This explains the need for a budget to cater to traveling expenses.


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