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Successful Electronic Health Records

Based on author Hebda and Czar text 5th edition the handbook of informatics for nurses
and healthcare professionals in chapter 14.

  1. Explain why these qualities are important for success
  2. Describe how you can ensure that electronic health records in nursing practice have
    these two qualities

Successful Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records have gained approval in many healthcare settings (Hebda &
Czar, 2013). This increased adoption is because of their various benefits in the provision of
healthcare. These EHR however are required to meet certain thresholds for them to render better
services to the clients.
The qualities as described by Hebda and Czar are very important for success of the EHR.
One of the reasons why they are important is that they help support consumer healthcare. They
allow information pertaining to a patient be captured and well recorded for future references
(Hebda & Czar, 2013). Furthermore, they allow anticipation of future health problems and
actions enhancing quality of healthcare. They also help in supporting communication as it is
possible to provide continuing, collaborative care and as well as case management. This is very
important in promoting the quality of care /services administered to the patients as well as
communication between the care providers.
To ensure that this electronic health records have these two qualities, it is required that
they be used by individuals with sufficient skills and knowledge in their operations (Dipak,
2009). People must be able to operate them well to ensure that they provide better services. The

second thing is they should be well managed and protected to avoid misuse of the software and
the information in the database. Therefore, enough security measures should be in place to
ensure that these EHR systems are well safeguarded and maintained for them to render better
EHR have the capabilities to enhance better healthcare delivery. Different qualities and
characteristic manifest in these systems are essential in promoting or enhancing better healthcare.
These require evaluation to be able to determine their capabilities.


Dipak, K. (2009). Electronic Health Records.

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