Role of professional health care organizations in health care policy and advocacy.

Guidelines for Role Paper
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate knowledge of the advanced practice nurses role
in relation to healthcare policy, politics, and advocacy (Unit 1 objective).
Use the resources posted in the Unit 1 lessons and follow the grading rubric to guide you in
discovering the APN role related to healthcare policy, politics, and advocacy.
The paper should be carefully written in formal style, based on primary resources, provide
an integration of ideas. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought
are essential. Paper should be no more than 3 pages in length, excluding the title page and
reference page. Liberal number of references (minimum of 4 references).
Grading Rubric/Criteria:
Introductory paragraph (one paragraph). There must be a statement that tells the reader
the purpose of the paper and what will be discussed.
Identify the driving forces and discuss the significance of the advanced practice nurses
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) educational preparation in relation to healthcare policy,
politics, and advocacy.
Discuss ways the advanced practice nurses can influence and advocate for healthcare policy
and politics. Discuss the role of professional health care organizations in health care policy
and advocacy.

Conclusions: Summarizes the essential points of the paper in one paragraph.
You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the advanced practice nurses/DNPs
and members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nursing who will chart
the future of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nurses in
advanced practice as performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is
expected in all assignments.
Some of the following info that might be helpful:
History of Health Care Crisis
History of Health Insurance
Kaiser Family Foundation
Roll Call-Congressional news source
Baylor College Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy
The Federal Register

Advanced Practice Nursing Role 2

U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal
Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
Congressional Budget Office
Congressional Quarterly
Preparation for Role Paper
Political Action Committee
Nursing & Health Policy
Nurse as Advocate in the Policy Arena
Making a Difference
Advocacy: Nurses Making a Difference
Why Should Nurses Get Involved?
Nursing and Health Policy Perspectives

Advanced Practice Nursing Role

The knowledge of nurse practices in the health care policies, politics, as well as advocacy
in their career is important. Therefore, a refined analysis on these advanced practices that have
been mentioned above an area is crucial. This paper aims at discussing the significant elements
of advanced nursing practice role in health care policies, politics, and encouragement.

Advanced Practice Nurses must comprise of multidimensional specialist in the nursing
career. This means that APN contains a combination of skills and practices from a wide variety
of specialty with an aim of designing an effective health care delivery (Joel, 2004). This also
means that APA needs to have a competence demonstration in a number of roles that a nurse

Advanced Practice Nursing Role 3
operates. In order for these advanced practices to function effectively in a political activist role,
APA should have a clear scope of the whole policy process. Nurses play a play an essential role
in the future of health care.  APNs are often primary care providers who are in the front line in
the provision of anticipatory care to the public.

Some of the driving forces that are evident from the APN are that there is a solid
foundation of a focused education and experience. In this case, nurses are able to embrace a
whole range of alternatives that are contained in some parts of the policy (Short ridge-Baggett,
1996). They are also initiating some available opportunities in order to be able to have an
ongoing trend with those who organize public programs. The nurses under the umbrella of APN
are able to stand tall in the decision making process within the health sector. The practices are
also enabling Nurses to become leaders and help in planning and decision making process in the
healthcare practice. From a political point of view the role of nurses has taken a new route where
the are able have realized that there is need for them to get involved in the legal decision about
health that are often made in government arena. Through APN, the mentality within nurses that
the political activism meant involving others has changed and they now jingle in to bills that
reflect to a particular enthusiasm in the health care (Joel, 2013).

In the case of Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP is a program that has need adopted in the
nursing practice because it helps experts in this specialty to have a critique to the nursing and
other scientific findings (Mirr & Zwygart-Stauffacher 2006). It also enables in the design of
delivery care programs that are acceptable in the local environments, economically viable and
have important contact on health care result.

Advanced Practice Nursing Role 4
Many decision makers in the health sectors mostly on political processes in order to find
the course of action in the sector. These decisions are characterized with conflicting proposals
values and demands (Hamric & Spross, 2005). Thought in a person daily life determinants of
who gets what when and how in the health care system politics plays a major part. The also
influence the process of scarce resources allocation. Special interest groups who have stake in
the health care policy fate use a lot of influence in the political arena to get their desired
outcome. As the one of the largest group of health care experts, nurses can now use APN
practices to generate enough power that enables them to reform the healthcare system. Through
the advanced practices that they have they have power to resist political power and manipulation
in the health sector by the political aspirants who aim to benefit themselves only

Health care professionals together with the national as well as international affiliates have
a trivial role in the maternal progression. Along with their national and international affiliates,
play a momentous role in the advancement of maternal health care practices. All experienced
health care providers are on the working front line often in place of unique positions of education
(Joel, 2013). These health professionals also help in the training session and preparing a working
environment that gives room for change in addition to influencing national health care policy.
They hold all the essential services that have promotion effect on health, disease prevention as
well as the delivery of the health services to individuals and the community. The minimum
development goals are achievable through the mechanisms that help in optimizing the strength
and skills of health professionals.

Advanced Practice Nursing Role 5
The paper highlights the policy value in guiding the development of advanced nursing
practice. The nurse practitioner need to go trough an education system that is flexible enough to
prepare them for their critical practices. The core concepts contained in the advanced nursing
practice includes clinical practice autonomy, revolutionary proficient and clinical management,
professional practitioner and researcher. In order to accomplish the center concepts the highly
developed nurse practitioner needs to increase superior theoretical and clinical skills, meet client
needs, and family and the public.


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Advanced Practice Nursing Role 6
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