Relationship between a child and the parents

In your journal entry, please choose three or four topics you would like to expand upon
from the reading and incorporate you own personal experience and reflections(this ia an
introspective assignment)I would like to hear you voice and your thoughts -choose
something that you can write about and is of personal interest you. this is like you and i
having a dialogue. please cite at least one quote from textbook to elucidate your point
(discovering psychology 6th edition, New York: worth publishers)ISBN-13:978-1-4641-
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Journal entry

Psychology encompasses different aspects relating to the people behaviors and
relationship. This discussion is a reflection of some of the topics that I found interesting and at
the same time important in the day-to-day existence of human beings.
One of the topics that interest me is about culture and human behavior. Culture is the
way people behave (Hockenbury & Sandra, 2011). Different people have different cultures they
associate with. Most of the behaviors are leant from these cultures. This therefore shows how
important these cultures can be in mentoring and defining behaviors. I am particularly
interested in the concept of cross-culture. As the world turns into a global village, different
people across the world are integrating. Because of the variations in cultures, there has been
misunderstanding between people from various cultures. Behaviors also do vary. It is on this
basis, that I found appropriate that people cross the world should be flexible and learn other
people cultures. This is the only way that people will get to unite and live together as one people
of this planet. I have personally fallen victim of this global wave and felt the challenges of cross-
culture relationships. When I went to China, I could not communicate effectively because I did
not understand some of their non-verbal cues.

Another topic that I find relevant to me and to other people is stress coping strategies. In
one way or another, you may have been stressed because of various reasons. Stress is therefore
something that people experience as they pursue their goals and dreams. Life is full of challenges
and these sometimes affect the psychology of the person. Learning the best ways to cope with
these stresses is important to a person as it prevent development of health complications. The
effects of stress are a threat to healthy living and therefore finding amicable ways is essential to
ensure that this situation does not hamper an individual healthy living. There are of course many
strategies that have been advanced to help cope with stress such as diversion, relaxation,
functional, submissive, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, transitory and reinforcement coping
(Devi, 2012). I think that whichever the strategy, it is very important to understand the
circumstances that caused the stress or the trigger factors. This will help in arriving at the best
alternative stress. Furthermore, because stress affects psychology or the mind of an individual,
finding a solution that is able to stabilize the cognitive is far much recommended in managing
The last topic that caught my attention was about the relationship between a child and the
parents. Attachment is very important factor in the life of a child especially when it comes to
relationships between a child and the parents. According to, Hockenbury & Sandra (2011),
secure attachment in infancy forms the basis for emotional bonds in the later child”. The child
requires to be given this love to help it grow up well. One interesting aspects about attachments
is that, most of the studies and researches have tended to focus on the relationship between the
child and the mother. Little has been done to investigate on the relationship between a child and
the father. This therefore means that, mothers are left with the responsibilities of taking care of
their children. Fathers are not active participants in the nurturing and taking care of their

children. I feel that, nowadays, things have changed and many fathers are finding time to share
with their children. This trend should be encouraged to ensure that a child is able to get the love
of both parents (Kindsvatter & Desmond, 2013). How sad is it to find a child detached from his
father. It is a sign of lack of bonding and attachments that is crucial in the development of child’s
In conclusion, various issues affect our society. Some of the things are the cultures,
stress and issues to do with attachments. It is prudent for people to find ways of countering these
issues that faces us. To make the world a better place, we as a people must find amiable ways of
solving the problems that we encounter.



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