Racism in Healthcare

When developing a culture of health, one must understand how racism, discrimination, and
ethnicity affect a community. Research an example of a public health situation related to
racism, discrimination, or ethnicity. Discuss whether you agree with how the situation was
handled by public health leaders and explain why. Considering the tenets of servant
leadership and your personal leadership style, explain how you would address the situation
if you were the leader in this community. In replies to peers, discuss whether you agree or
disagree with your peers’ assessment of the example situations and justify your response.

Racism in Healthcare

In 2013, a nurse working at Harley medical center sued her employer for racial
discrimination. It all began when she was taking care of a child at the intensive care unit of the
hospital when to the request of the patient’s father, she was removed from taking care of the
patient. The patient’s father had an issue of African Americans taking care of the sick child, and
so he requested her supervisor that she be reassigned somewhere else. After the request rose to
the management ranks, the hospital eventually conceded to his request and moved her
somewhere else. From this move, the racial discrimination lawsuit ensued and was subsequently
filed. I do not agree with the actions of the father of the patient since he exhibited bigotry. I also
disagree with the public health leaders at the hospital who handled the situation negatively by
denying the nurse her ability to administer her duty of care to all patients and thus work.
Considering the principles of leadership as well as my leadership style, I would have put
into consideration which is making the payment of the treatment administered. As a leader, I
would find out whether or not the father paid for the treatment through his pocket, his employer,
or if it was a government-sponsored treatment. If it was the former, as a paying customer, he
stood within his rights in his request. However, if he were operating and paying via government
sponsorship, he would not be in a position to make such demands. I disagree with my peer’s

assessment of this situation because they completely disregarded the racial ethical concerns as a
requirement of the healthcare profession by agreeing to make the change (Kevin, 2020) .


Kevin, M. (2020, January 14). How Structural Racism Affects Healthcare.