Quantitative Nursing Research Critique

Quantitative Nursing Research Critique and please provide correct answers according to
the questions asked please.

Research Critique

The purpose of the study was to find out if staffing of nurses predicted teamwork in their
work environment. The study problem was the health worker’s perception of teamwork as being
possible only if staffing is sufficient. Accordingly, the adequacy of staff meant that these nurses
did not have heavy workloads and therefore, had time for teamwork. In analyzing the articles in
the literature review, most of the studies were found to be relevant to the research area. However,
they were not sufficiently discussed on the aspect of exploiting the area under study in a
comprehensive manner. The authors only summarized the findings of these previous studies.
Another note is that the theoretical perspectives were not included in the study.
Most of the references used in this study are current; that is from 2008 to present. All the
references were from the last 10 ten years. Twelve sources were derived from the last five years
that is from 2008 until now. Concerning the research problem, it is widely acknowledged that
teamwork in nursing is an essential element for enhanced health care. However, what do many
not know is that better teamwork by nurses is associated with high staffing levels? In particular,
if the nurse practitioner is accorded sufficient time in his or her practice, then there is high
chance of him or her being involved in teamwork.
The study’s conceptual framework is explicitly presented. The authors made the
framework in a clear way both in diagram and in description. In addition, this framework is
based on substantive theory. The framework has identified, defined, and described the existing
relation among the study variables invested in the study.




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