Public Health

In your own words, explain the role of a public health leader in the formation of collaborative partnerships and community
empowerment. Identify specific leadership qualities that prompt community empowerment. In replies to peers, discuss
whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented and justify your response.

Public Health

1.0 Introduction
In the urge to promote the health care of the community, public health stakeholders are involved in a broad perspective through
advocacy, prevention, and control strategies. However, public health officials use community empowerment and collaborative
partnership, among other strategies, to ensure there is the provision of quality care to the community. In this essay, information on the
involvement of public health officers in community empowerment and collaborative partnership is inclusive. Besides, leadership
qualities for better participation in community empowerment will also be provided.
Role of Public Health leaders in collaborative partnership and community empowerment.
Adetunji (2013) postulate that partnership is a practical approach in ensuring that the health of individual and community is
met. The importance of collaborative partnerships is coming together of different institutions and departments to maximize resources
with the aim of improving health and addressing health issues. Partners with public health depend on the activities in hand, which are

either local, national, or international activities. Public health leaders have a significant role in ensuring that the partnership is valid.
Primarily, a public health leader ensures that the jurisdiction of a corporation is upheld, and a joint agreement is followed. Secondly,
the provision of an effective administration by the public health and offer supervision on programs involved in the organization.
Moreover, the public health department, through its leader, ensures that plans are well funded. In collaboration, for example,
community partnership can help increase community empowerment in the public health sector. This ensures that the community is in
full control of their own lives. A public health leader needs high leadership skills to ensure community empowerment. In particular,
accountability, team working, maximizing individual control, and balancing of power (Adetunji, 2013).
I agree with the roles involved by public health officials to manage community empowerment and collaborative partnership.
Any category of the organization should always adhere to the terms set in the agreement to ensure the positive outcomes of the
companies. Moreover, the public health sector is a significant key in promoting and advocating for community empowerment.


Adetunji, J. (2013). Partnership: an Effective Approach to Public Health. Journal of Natural Sciences Research.