Public Health Organizations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health
Organization (WHO) enforce public health laws. It is important to note that both these
organizations are also the “primary source of information and resources for preparing for
and responding to public health emergencies” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
2012). “Public health practitioners and emergency management officials can use CDC’s
rapid needs assessment toolkit, the Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency
Response (CASPER), to determine the health status and basic needs of the affected
community quickly” (CDC Health Advisory, 2012).
During recent hurricane Sandy, what actions did you see CDC take to support our nation
during disaster and how did it enforce and regulate public health laws during an
emergency? Please feel free to use other disaster or emergency examples to support your
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2012). Emergency Preparedness and
Response. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Public Health Organizations

Hello Wright,
I read your post and found it attractive due to your focus on the role of public health
organizations like the CDC and WHO. You state that these organizations are the primary sources
of information for public health emergencies as they give resources that help in preparation and
response. I agree with this assertion since the importance of organizations like the CDC and
WHO has been demonstrated by the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. The organizations have
developed preventive measures that people should use and have created treatment plans. Indeed,
public health organizations enable clinicians to have a universal response to public health
emergencies (Richardson, 2018). The universal response enables observations to be made based
on the characteristics s of the population so that improvements can be made. Overall, your post
was excellent.



Richardson, E. (2018). The Role of Public Health Organizations in Addressing Public Health
Problems in Europe: The Case of Obesity Alcohol and Antimicrobial Resistance (No.
51). World Health Organization.