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Public health intervention.

Research published articles evaluating a public health intervention. Choose one
article and discuss the framework, methodology, procedures, and findings. Discuss the
importance of evaluation frameworks in the context of your own project.

The article reports a study on the evaluation of a nutritional intervention program among
adolescents. The study participants were university students, aged 17 to 35 years. The
participants were recruited through social media platforms. The participants completed an
online-based evaluation questionnaire. The participants were previous recipients of a nutritional
intervention program (Whatnall, Patterson, & Hutchesson, 2019). Participants with medical
conditions were excluded from the study. The total sample size for the study was 126.
The evaluation parameters included measurements of the participants’ satisfaction with
the previous nutritional intervention program. The participants provided data on the usability,
ability to motivate, relevance and usefulness of the program. The study participants were
assessed on the quality of nutritional intake (Whatnall, Patterson, & Hutchesson, 2019). The
quality of nutritional intake was measured in terms of the variability and frequency of balanced
nutrition. The behavior related to healthy behavior change was measured. This measurement was
on the basis of adherence to the provided guidelines on eating. Alcohol consumption was
measured in terms of the frequency of consumption. The study participants were asked to rate
their perceived efficacy in adhering to nutritional guidelines. The respondents rated their general
quality of life and wellbeing. The study found out that the nutritional intervention used provided
solution to adolescents’ perceived barriers in achieving healthy eating behaviors (Whatnall,
Patterson, & Hutchesson, 2019).

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Evaluation framework will assess the achievement of my program’s goals and objectives.
Evaluation frameworks will facilitate assessment of project objectives in improving physical
health and nutrition among the Hispanics in Texas (Whatnall, Patterson, & Hutchesson, 2019).
The framework will assess the level at which different population groups based on age adhere to
the prescribed type, intensity and frequency of physical activities. Similarly, evaluation
frameworks will support the assessment of the impact of my program project to change o
nutrition among the Hispanics in Texas.

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Whatnall, M., Patterson, A., & Hutchesson, M. (2019). Nutrition intervention for students:
Development and evaluation using the – model. Journal of research, 8(3), e11992.

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