Public Health Ethical implementation

Review the topic material “Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health.” Consider
the ethical principles through the Christian worldview lens and from the perspective of the
moral and ethical obligations of public health professional to serve others. As a public
health professional, there may be times when the Christian worldview is challenged,
creating an ethical dilemma. Describe a situation in which a public health challenge
presents a conflict with the Christian worldview. Explain how you would apply the
“Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health” to approach this ethical dilemma and
resolve the issue. In replies to peers, provide feedback on the proposed solution and
identify additional alternatives for addressing the public health issue ethically.

Public Health Ethical implementation
Ethics as prescribed in public health include professional norms and conjectures proposed
for public health employees within the field. Public health practitioners work in an assortment of
settings, including but not constrained to state, national authority, internal, and universal non-
governmental associations (NGOs) (Kass, 2011). Professionals in each setting originate from
various authorities and are representative of various technical and specialized zones of study. In
a reasonable and multidisciplinary movement as unpredictable as in public health, acting
ethically and ensuring moral commitments requires cautious reflection and purposeful dynamics
notwithstanding choices in this field influence the wellbeing and prosperity of various
populations and communities locally and globally (Kass, 2011).
While researching health-related issues and ecological risk factors, it is important to
gather the data characteristically suitable to describing the issue being referred to and actualizing
control measures. A few years ago within a community in South Africa my team was investing
the prevalence of certain cancers as related to improper waste disposal management (Gold
extraction companies). Communities within the area had been experiencing markedly high levels
of diseases such as certain congenital malformations, pulmonary infections and more importantly
specific cancers, the above ailments are in connection with dumping sites used by mining

Public Health Ethics 2
companies. People living in close proximity to the dumping sites have higher prevalence’s of all-
cause morbidity and mortality with most of them being of low socioeconomic status (Kass,
The challenge came about while seeking to engage with local authorities and some of the
departments within the mining industry. My Christian values (honesty, patience’s and
confidentiality were put to the test, the local government was aware of the situation in the
affected communities but seem not be bothered furthermore they did not reveal certain
information unless they to be motivated with an appreciation (bribing). On the other hand the
mining companies tried to dig up confidential information from some members of our team and
further persuading some to take bribes so as not to diverge negatively impacting data. However
these challenges were brought to rest by ensuring each member adhered to the set code of ethics
and also observing personal values not to be compromised.
Once the community’s health issues had been distinguished by key partners through a
public evaluation, necessary health recommendations were set up utilizing different systems as a
component of a continuous procedure educated by key partners, including persons from the
community. Identified needs ought to be diffused through settled upon disseminated mechanisms
and deliberately dispatched in a way that enables, as opposed to exclusion and vilifying the
affected community.

Public Health Ethics 3


Kass, N. E. (2011). An ethics framework for public health. American journal of public
health, 91(11), 1776-1782.