Public health

Discussion Topic 1: Public Health Program Review

Public health is aimed at ensuring that the community lives a healthy live through their
various programs (Sume & Moffatt, 2013). Therefore, these programs require proper
management to ensure that they have positive impact on the life of the community.
The public health program administered in my state health department is to promote
maternal and child health in low-income areas. According to Gilmore, & McAuliffe (2013), there
are few programs in low and middle income countries geared at reducing the maternal mortality
by 75% among women. Further, ninety nine percent of both maternal and child deaths happens
in low and middle income countries that have a shortage of health workers.
This program aims at preventing deaths of maternal mothers and children in the
community. The program focuses low and middle-income areas and families in the community.
These are most vulnerable people and mostly record high level of deaths. Community health
professionals will be deployed in the community to educate mothers and help prevent deaths.
The population in this program as indicated is children and pregnant mothers. The
population comes from low and middle-income areas that record high cases of deaths. These
populations are vulnerable because they do not have s financial resources to seek for better and
quality healthcare (Bjegovic-Mikanovic et al. 2014).



Bjegovic-Mikanovic, V. et al. (2014). Education for public health in Europe and its global
outreach. Global Health Action, 7: 1-11.
Gilmore, B., & McAuliffe, E. (2013). Effectiveness of community health workers delivering
preventive interventions for maternal and child health in low- and middle-income
countries: a systematic review. BMC Public Health, 13(1): 1-14.
Sume, N., & Moffatt, H. (2013). Intersectoral action for health equity: a rapid systematic review.
BMC Public Health, 13(1):1-27.

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