Psychology personal statement

Psychology personal statement
I find the insights Psychology gives into human behavior very exciting, and have been
fascinated by it for a long time.
From an early age I have been intrigued by the human mind and how it works. This
interest has been enhanced through my study of psychology.
I have enjoyed the variety the A-level course provides and I feel I have had a sample of
different fields of this subject.
I have only studied this subject formally for a relatively short period of time,
Our expanding knowledge of Psychology has given us insight into the ways in which we
live, work and socialize in the modern world. Psychologists to date have given us answers
about the human mind, which have influenced us in the way we present ourselves in human
society, in which I consider it to be truly the “social science of society”.

The academic, scientific and practical elements of the field of Psychology have provided me
with inspiration for the better part of my life. Since the time I was young I have always been
greatly fascinated by psychology. The reason for this fascination is the versatility that comes
with this area of study. This is to say that psychology has a wide range of applications both in my
academic life as well as my personal life in my understanding of others as well as myself. The
fact that I have had an opportunity to study psychology has greatly enhanced my interest in the
subject area.
In my A-level education I have got to study various subjects that are derived from the subject of
psychology. What this has done is to make me aware of the different ways that psychology
influences the human experience on a daily basis. Despite this knowledge it is important for me
to mention that my study of the subject of psychology in a formal manner has been minimal.

Sustained research and scholarly attention that is channeled towards the field of Psychology is
continually helping us to understand a host of human experiences that were previously difficult
to explain and justify. The effort that people put into their social lives as well as their daily
occupations can also be better understood through psychological perspectives. Much of the
knowledge on the workings of the human mind have been provided by psychologists based on
their empirical investigations into the way people function. As such, psychology can be termed
as a the true social science since it is the one subject that is dedicated to seeking answers to
questions that exist about the human experience.

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