Professional Presence and healing environments

For this assessment, you will navigate areas of focus that include professional presence,
mindfulness practice, and healing environments. These areas of focus will help you to
create a professional presence plan that has both personal and professional application.
You will be analyzing your inner world (thoughts, beliefs, and values) and your outer
world (activities, relationships, and experiences). Each section of this assessment will gauge
how you use and interact with those two world

Professional Presence and Influence
Professional Presence

Advancements within the sphere of health have drastically changed the perspective we
have today of sickness and health. Larry Dossey recognizes that in the 1860s, Era I where
science started getting merged with medical practice. The perspective was that health and illness
were entirely physical, and as a result, consciousness was an outcome of the physiological and
chemical aspects of the brain (Koerner, 2011). By 1950s Era II approached through the
institution of the mind to the physical body. At this time, therapies revealed the thorough
understanding of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs hence significantly influencing the
physical body. The most recent model is Era III of health that integrates the spirit, body, and
mind in the 1990s (Koerner, 2011).
Advancement in the medical practice from the physical body model, which is Era I, to
mind-body-spirit model that is Era III, connects with our need as humans to comprehend our
being. My beliefs about helping my patients entail more than the physical body model that
requires treating only the physical self. Patients having positive and negative views show a
difference when it comes to their health and healing process. It is a difficult task to connect with
patients beyond their physical requirements. I try being mindful about this hence I take the time
to put attention on my individual patients. Being mindful assists me in recognizing when my


patient is in need of spiritual health assistance that I believe enhances the nurse-patient
relationship during their care.

Personality Preferences

The report from My (n.d.) personality reveals that I am a Guardian. The
report of a guardian had a high accuracy to my character. Guardians, as stated by the results,
choose the order, hence are born managers or leaders (, n.d.). This statement speaks
to me as I enjoy when tasks are done in an efficient manner (Keirsey, n.d.). I like mentoring,
managing and presenting others in my current job. Guardians are responsible, loyal, and stable in
their relations. I realize these features in my relationships. I am defensive of my family, spouse,
and friends. I also get myself creating plans and preparing to ensure everyone has a good time
and in good care. Because of my personality, I tend to be an orderly and very organized person.
I, therefore, experience a challenge when mentoring an individual with a unique personality.
However, self-awareness of my type of personality, as well as preferences, permits me to
manage in guiding a person of diverse character.

Mindfulness Practice

Eating a well-balanced diet using a meal plan is one of the physical exercises I would do.
It is a challenge as it ‘s hard to work and go to school full time at the same time, but achieving it
will allow me to improve physically and mentally hence get healthier. I will achieve this goal
through meal planning. Engaging in four times run for half an hour each will help in cutting
weight, which will reduce my risk of contracting serious illnesses like diabetes and heart


Attending yoga classes at least twice a week at my local gym, to feel more balanced. The
result will get achieved through proper planning of my schedule, to enable squeezing yoga my
school busy schedule. I often sleep fewer hours as I work in a 12-hour shift, but I will try at least
eight hours for a balanced sleep.
I am focused to achieve my masters’ education, and I have to keep my mind open and
sharp while doing pursuing it. I will have to discuss my emotions with my husband. Such
discussion will involve talking about our relationship with him and my feelings regarding school
and work to ensure I have a good psychological health.
Biographical/spiritual body
I aim to find spirituality since I was taught to believe that going to church every Sunday
does not necessarily mean being spiritual and honoring God. However, appreciating nature
connects one to the spiritual realm. Hence, I will devote time to interacting with the external
environment while recognizing the existence of life.
Setting time for meditation. When stressed, I like meditating, and it is my time to
concentrate on my morals, beliefs at the same time separating myself from both emotional and
physical tasks.
Upon achieving all the set personal goals, I would feel happy, peaceful, as I would have
improved myself. I know it will not be easy, but the end goal is worth all the commitment
required, as I would love the person I would become.
Healing Environments


I selected John Hopkins Hospital and Grinnell Regional Medical Center to examine for
their ideal healing surroundings. The hospitals addressed interpersonal, internal, external and
behavioral elements commonly applied identifying the optimal healing environments in medical
care (Sakarllaris et al., 2015).
The website of Grinnell Regional Medical Center achieves their internal component
through affirming their purpose for healing and treating an individual in entirety, comprising
body, mind, and spirit. They employ an integrative tactic to healing applying exercise, spiritual
care and essential oils besides their standard medical services (GRMC, 2014). The external
element gets achieved by utilizing healing spaces (GRMC, 2014).
The website of Johns Hopkins Hospital also highlights their intent for healing through
identification of rest alongside recovery among their key goals, which meets the internal
component of optimal healing. The hospital employs a service known as Emmi, which is
system that offers patient education (John Hopkins Medicine, n.d.). The service endorses
patients’ healthy lifestyle hence it meets the behavioral component of a healing atmosphere. John
Hopkins Hospital employed an external healing environment through gardens for art displays,
meditation alongside a center for children (John Hopkins Medicine, n.d.).
I believe that in my capacity as a nurse, I can create a healing environment using my
engagements. My internal element comprises of my aim and yearning to restore my patients in
entirety. Educating my patients about their diseases and chronic conditions, while teaching them
alongside their families in managing such illnesses at home. My interdisciplinary team of
respiratory therapists, doctors, nutritionists, physical and professional therapist assists my patient
to be healthy hence achieve the behavioral element. Lastly, I inspire my patients and their family


members to use our meditation rooms, healing garden, and lobby that achieve the external part of
healing environments.




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