Problem Rough Draft Posting


Think about a problem you currently encounter in your role as a clinician, educator, or administrator. What is your personal or professional interest in the problem? If you wanted to change this problem, what barriers and facilitators do you see that exist in your agency? This problem will serve as the foundation for the work you will do this semester in searching for and appraising evidence to answer a practice (whether that means clinical, education, or administration) problem. This is the beginning of your Problem Background Paper, which is due at the end of Module 3. (I’m ok with any problem you would like to pick)

Rubric Detail


Name: Problem Rough Draft Posting

Novice Competent Proficient

Identifies a problem presently encountered in your role as a clinician, educator, or administrator. Points:

2.5 (10%)

Inadequately or does not identify the problem. Points:

5 (20%)

Somewhat identifies the problem. Missing information regarding role. Points:

10 (40%)

Clearly identifies a problem and describes your role.

Discusses personal or professional interest in problem. Points:

1.25 (5%)

Inadequately or does not discuss personal or professional interest. Points:

2.5 (10%)

Somewhat discusses personal and/or professional interest in the problem. Points:

5 (20%)

Thoroughly discusses personal or professional interest in the problem.

Lists barriers/facillitators that exist in your agency. Points:

1.25 (5%)

Does not list barriers/facillitators that exist. Points:

2.5 (10%)

Somewhat lists barriers/facilitators that exist. Points:

5 (20%)

Clearly lists barriers and/or facilitators that exist.

Identifies developing PICOT question Points:

1.25 (5%)

Does not identify developing PICOT question. Points:

2.5 (10%)

Somewhat identifies developing PICOT question. Points:

5 (20%)

Clearly identifies developing PICOT question.

Name:Problem Rough Draft Posting

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