Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescent Navajo Indians

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For this assignment please follow these instructions in sequence.

1. Complete all assigned reading for units 1- 4 before attempting this assignment.

2. Review the Unit 4 Case Study grading rubric.

3. Review the two promotional documents provided for the launch of the community health promotion.

Type 2 diabetes in Navajo Adolescents Promotional Pamphlet

Letter to Key Stakeholders detailing the community health promotion proposal

4. Review the recorded presentation by registered nurses prepared for the noted key stakeholders crucial to implementation of the community health proposal.

Presentation: Community Health Promotion Among Navajo Indian Adolescents

5. Locate data and documents necessary to answer the case study questions.

Case Study Questions:

a. As a key stakeholder, were you swayed to support this community health initiative? Please support your yes or no answer with rationale

b. Was the data presented sufficient to support this community health proposal?

c. Identify at least four strengths of this proposal?

d. Identify at least four weaknesses of this proposal?

e. For the weaknesses identified propose valid solutions with supporting rationales

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Case Study: Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescent Navajo Indians

Type 2 diabetes affects the young as well as adults, and is a disease that can be prevented (Mayo Clinic, 2014). This discussion provides answers to the various questions in respect to a case study aimed at providing after-school classes for middle schools in Gallup New Mexico.

As a stakeholder of this program to support community health initiative, I am positive that it is a right course.  One of the reasons why I support the program is that it will help to a greater magnitude in reducing the rate of diabetes in the community.  These students will be able to make the right food choices that are healthy to ensure that they do not become vulnerable to this type of disease. They will as well engage in physical exercises and in the process, their calories and body fats will be burned making them reduce the chances of contracting the disease. Overweight people are most vulnerable as they have higher chances of suffering from this condition. Doing regular physical activity will help cut weight, lower the blood sugar, and boost the students’ sensitivity to insulin that helps to keep the blood sugar within the normal range. Therefore, because of the impacts of the proposal, I am convinced that it is essential as it will help to enhance the heath of the students and more so the adolescents who are highly susceptible. (Our Nursing paper writing service will will ensure the paragraphs in your paper are well constituted just like in this paper)

 To undertake such an initiative, it is important to have sufficient information or data to support its necessity. The data provided in this case is not sufficient to support this community health proposal.  The target audience for this proposal is children from 5th to 8th grade and yet, the data provided is not specific to this audience.   Part of the data provided relates to low income preschool obesity rate, which is at 12% (Smith, 2012). This data, therefore, does not encompass the population targeted. Furthermore, the data presented states that diabetes cases are not high among the youth below 10 years.  The rates are higher among the older youths. (Our Nursing paper writing service uses strong facts and evidence to support the claims in the paper). Statistics also indicates that only 1 out of 359 Navajo youths aged between 15 to 19 years suffered from diabetes in 2001, 1 youth out of 2,542 youths develops diabetes every year (Smith, 2012).  Therefore, the statistics shows that low number of youths suffer from the disease. (In our Nursing paper writing services, we use a consistent point of view, verb tense,and number as illustrated with the use of reliable data)

 The proposal has four major strengths, which make it a little bit befitting to the target audience. (Just like in a Nursing school admission essay, a strong central argument or purpose has been used in this paper by our expert writers). For instance, it has factored in the target audience and this is a very important aspect as it ensures that the needs of the audience are adequately addressed. The second strength is that it is guided or designed by professional nurses that have an expertise in the area, hence, have the potential to adopt appropriate strategies. Thirdly, it concentrates on the three most important aspects that lead to the diseases including diet, weight, and physical exercise. Lastly, it also provides or is supported with data from various sources that substantiate the need for the proposal.

(Each paragraph of a Nursing school admission essay supports or expands the central idea of the paper, as illustrated by our expert writers in this paper)

 On the other hand, the proposal has some weaknesses worth noting. First, there is no indication of a pilot study that was carried out to find out the need of such initiatives. Second, the data used as evidence is old and does not reflect the current situation about the prevalence of the diseases in the location. Third,  it does not provide other alternatives for preventing  type 2 diabetes and the last weaknesses is that it is not realistic especially when it comes to the duration  provided to determine whether the   target audience  had experienced any changes after the initiative. (With the services of our expert writers, your Nursing school admission essay will take the form of an argument by introducing a claim, and a reason to support the claim)

The weaknesses can be addressed by using relevant and current sources of information and data pertaining to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the area. The second valid solution to the weakness is to provide other alternatives to the prevention of the disease such as medication and to carry out a pilot study to get an overview of the situation. It is also important to extend the period to evaluate whether indeed the changes among the audience are experienced or not.

(Just like in a Nursing school admission essay, each paragraph of this paper has a clear main point or topic sentence)


Mayo Clinic. (2014). Type 2 Diabetes.