Presentation of Health Risk Assessment tool for Woman and Heart

Presentation of Health Risk Assessment tool for Woman and Heart





Reading level

The health assessment tool is used among
women aged more than 20 years

The level of education is not a concern

A medical practitioner normally carries out
the assessment

In case of a self-care tool, the person should
be literate

Appropriateness of intended audience

Most women are literature and can therefore use the tool

Those at risk are many

Some of them smoke and have high level of cholesterol

Comprehensive description of the reading level of the tool

The tool assess various health aspects on an individual’s
which includes

Age, gender, smoking status,

Diabetic, angina or heart attack in a first degree relative

BMI, Systolic blood pressure, HDL cholesterol

Self-assigned ethnicity, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic kidney

The person is required to have some level of education to
understand how it functions

The person is required to understand what different kinds of
diseases means

The results of the assessment

Gender is women

Aged 30 years

Total cholesterol 169mg/dl

HDL cholesterol 42mg/DL

Smoked for 6 years

Had suffered from high blood pressure

Not diagnosed with any heart disease before

Rationale for the tools appropriateness for an
intended audience

The tool works over a wider range of years from
20 years

It helps to provide an estimate of the health risks
among women in the coming 10 years because of
frequent updates the tools take account of
changes in the population

Some of the assessment tools are not reliable and


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