Pregnancy Care Centers

This is based off a Social Work standpoint.
Your Name: Tara Hill Name of Guest Speaker: Marissa and Michelle

  1. Before hearing our guest speaker, what were your impressions, beliefs, thoughts, and
    opinions about the services that the Pregnancy Care Center provides?
    a. I had not heard of Pregnancy Care Center until now. But me sitting here and hearing
    what they of officer from Marissa and Michelle has my attention. I believe the Pregnancy
    Care Center have a lot of thing that new mother and mother now with need to be successful
    parents. This program has a lot the officer woman in need and they help them by sitting
    them up with parent’s class and other resources that may help them in the long run.
    b. You will be served without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation,
    disability or other arbitrary circumstances. You will be treated with kindness, compassion
    and in a caring manner. They will be always receiving honest and open answers.
  2. Summarize what you see as the key points in our presenter’s information today. What do
    you think was most important? What, if anything, surprised you?
    a. They are a Christian community
    b. They change their name to Life Forward
    c. They have free pregnancy test- let say you take a pregnancy test at home and just not
    sure? You can give them a call and they will schedule you a free pregnancy test. Say if
    you’re positive and now you’re not sure what to do? Well you can schedule you for a
    confidential appointment to meet with one of their peer-advisors.
    d. Peer-advisor- is someone that the woman will be with throughout the process. They help
    them find resources help them and guide them down the right past.
    e. No Fee- Everything they officer is free it is not base of income
    f. Unplanned pregnancy -say if you have hand pregnancy that you are not really for. You
    can go to Pregnancy Care Center to find out your officer and they can guide you down the
    right past.

    g. Parenting & Life Skill Classes
    i. Do you have a baby on the way? We have informational classes on topics such as First,
    Second, and Third Trimester, prenatal care, eating for two, going it alone, your developing
    baby, smoking, your changing body, looking at adoption, your unborn baby’s secret world,
    reducing the risk of SIDS, learning to think, getting ready, eye contact means love, infant
    temperament, the importance of bonding, newborn care, crying colic and sleeping, caring
    for yourself, first years last forever, the parent/child relationship, safe from the start,
    learning to talk, quality child care, talk play music and reading, emergency first aid, car
    seat safety, your baby can sleep, discipline-teaching limits with love, food for growth,
    breast feeding your baby, your baby’s development, preventing child sexual abuse, shaken
    baby syndrome, postpartum from pregnant to parent, your healthy baby, ready to learn,
    happiest baby on the block, and toilet training.
    ii. Parent Classes-are to help the parent be a better parent and to help them understand
    what to become of them.
    iii. Money called Ducks-they use this to buy baby cribs this are thing they cannot but on the
    own this program is only offered 4 time out of the year.
    iv. Financial Classes-these classes is to help teach them how to manage their money.
    h. They give out food, diapers and formula- this is the help the woman
    i. They also un-damage clothes for babies to help the parents out.
    This is all the Services that Pregnancy Care Center have.


Pregnancy Care Centers
All Services and outreach efforts are provided by the Pregnancy Care Center are free of
charge to the community.
Baby and Maternity Clothing
Diapers and Wipes
Pregnancy Testing
Parenting Classes
Abstinence/STD Education (As well as sit downs between parents, kids and our certified
abstinence educator.)
Education on Choices: Accurate information about pregnancy options presented in a non
judgmental way.
Abstinence training and presentations
Church and Civic Group Presentations
Still Hope- Miscarriage support Group

  1. Now that you have listened to our guest speaker, re-evaluate the belief system you had
    when you entered the room. What questions do you have now that you did not have before?
    Has your belief system/understanding changed in any way? If so, how has your thinking
    changed? If not, how have you reconciled new information that may not match your beliefs
    before you heard our speaker?
    I had not heard of Pregnancy Care Center until now. But me sitting here and hearing what
    they of officer from Marissa and Michelle has my attention. I believe the Pregnancy Care
    Center have a lot of thing that new mother and mother now with need to be successful
    parents. I think this program can offer a lot of opportunities for women who are pregnant.
    My belief system I am a children of God and I love that they offer these women hope and
    prayer in the time of need. I think these Pregnancy Care Center is what all communities
    need to be able to help women in their pregnancy in a time of need.
  2. What would be the criteria for referring a client to the Pregnancy Care Center?
    As a Social Work we might have women who need guidance in their pregnancy this
    program can help. We as Social Work can help the women link up with Pregnancy Care
    Center to get the guidance and understand that they will need doing their pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Center

After hearing of the talk about Pregnancy Care Center, I had my own impressions, beliefs
and opinions about services that the care center could provide. My name is Tara Hill and the
names of the speakers are Marissa and Michelle. Some of the impressions I had include; that the
care center would not be charging very high prices on their services and that they would be


Pregnancy Care Centers
offering other helpful services alongside maternity services. Sitting here waiting to hear from
Marissa and Michelle, I believe that they will talk of many more services that the care center
offers to mothers so that they can become successful parents (Ahlborg & Bodin 1991).
I thought that offering of services in the care center would not be discriminatory on basis
of someone’s social status, religion, nationality, race, age, disability and arbitrary circumstances.
One would be handled with respect, care, and kindness and your opinion will always matter in
order to help improve the services offered. The staff will be friendly and will always give honest
and open answers (Ahlborg & Bodin 1991).
They offer free services to everyone, they also offer free pregnancy testing when you
contact them after you carry out the service on your own and you are not sure of the results. They
ensure that they prepare you for the results before the test is carried out to prepare you for the
results and the decisions you will have to make thereafter. The center has peer-advisors who will
help a person from the beginning throughout the process. They will provide guidance in the right
path to follow and in case of an unplanned pregnancy, the officers in the Pregnancy Health Care
Center will help you in making the right decisions and all this information is held confidential
(Burke 2000).
The parenting and life skill classes are of help not only to expecting mothers but also to
mothers who have already delivered and are bringing up children. The expecting parents are
offered with informational classes about the first, second and third trimesters, prenatal care,
eating for two, the development of the baby, the effects of smoking during pregnancy, the
processes for adoption, reduction of the risk of SIDS in infants, and how to develop a good
relationship between the mother and the baby, that is, bonding. Parents are also taught on how to


Pregnancy Care Centers
prevent child abuse, the developmental stages of the baby, toilet training and how to bring up a
healthy and happy baby (Ahlborg & Bodin 1991).
These parent classes also help parents to become better parents knowing what is expected
of them. The pregnancy care center help parents to have things that they cannot buy by
themselves such as baby cribs which are offered four times in a year. This program is so helpful
to mothers since they can be able to offer a quality childhood to their children. The financial
classes offered help the parents to learn how appropriately manage their money. Provision of
baby’s basics such as food, diapers, and formula is also of great help to the mother (Burke 2000).
Listening to the two speakers has helped me to have a better understanding of the
numerous services offered in the care center some of which I did not know. This program can
make great changes in the society since it is available to everyone in all communities especially
in helping women in a time of need.
As a social work, we are likely to encounter women who need guidance during
pregnancy. This way we will be able to link them to the Pregnancy Care Center where they will
be helped and their pregnancy will be a success (Burke 2000).


Ahlborg, G., & Bodin, L. (1991). Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Pregnancy Outcome among
Working Women A Prospective Study at Prenatal Care Centers in Örebro County,
Sweden. American journal of epidemiology, 133(4), 338-347.


Pregnancy Care Centers
Burke, D. M. (2000). Pregnancy Care Centers.