Pharmacotherapy Chart

1) Pick five common drugs used in the treatment of substance use disorders.
2) Complete the provided “Pharmacotherapy Chart.”
3) An example has been provided in the chart.
4) Provide scholarly citations to support your answers.
5) While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations
and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located
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Pharmacotherapy Chart

Addictive Drug Treatment Drug Explain how the drug is used to
treat addictive and substance use


Describe applications of
use in co-occurring

Evaluation of the drug’s effectiveness
in treating addictive and substance

use disorders

Inhalant Gamma-Vinyl-

This is an epileptic drug that
helps to reduce cravings for
inhalant and other drugs such as
marijuana and nicotine

It is used as prescribed
by physicians.

This drug effectiveness in treatment
of inhalant addiction has been tested
trough a study that was conducted in
2004 by the US department of energy
(Lee, Schiffer & Dewey, 2004). The
results showed reduced cravings in
those animals that were treated with
it. Hence, a demonstration of its

Methamphetamine Paxil
(paroxetine or

It is an antidepressant and it
decreased cravings for

It is prescribed by the
physicians and has some

The drug has been found to work
than others such as placebo. In a


pexeva) methamphetamine side effects such as
nauseas, headaches and
heartburn hence should
be used as prescribed to
reduce these side efects

study conducted, it proved to be more
effective in reducing the addiction
levels of the user (Piasecki, Steinagel,
Thienhaus, & Kohlenberg, 2002).

Heroine Buprenorphine This drug is effective in reducing
drug craving. Therefore, addicts
can use it to enable them recover
from its addition.

None The drug stimulates the brain opioid
receptors hence reducing the
cravings. In a clinical trial that
consisted of 154 patients aged
between 15 to 21, results indicated
reduction in drug use, and better
treatment retentions, users remained
well tolerated and functioned well
(Woody et al. 2011).

Cocaine Gabapentin It reduces the use of cocaine and
makes cocaine cravings easy to
overcome. It also makes relapses
less severe

In case of a co-
occurring, it may leads
to blurred vision
heartburn and
drowsiness, hence not

The drug increase brain GABA, a
neurotransmitter in the brain, which
helps to reduce stress and anxiety and
increases relaxation (Raby, 2004).

Alcohol Topirimate

The drug helps to stabilize the
mood of an addict helping to
reduce alcohol cravings.

None A study conducted in 2008 reveled
that it reduced obsessive thoughts and
compulsions about using alcohol. It
also improved some aspects of
quality life (Johnson, Rosenthal &
Capece et al. 2008). The drug also
reduced the body mass index,
cholesterol levels, enzyme levels and
systolic and diastolic blood pressure
hence lowering the risks of heart
diseases (Rawson, McCann &

Hasson, 2000).


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