Personal Reflection

Your task is to produce a 500-word personal reflection on the article, which covers the
What skills, knowledge and personal values do you already have that will support your
academic development? (250 words)
Identify three aspects of academic writing which you would like to develop further (e.g.
citation and referencing, structuring your work, academic and reflective writing style etc.).
How might you develop your skills in in these areas? (250 words)

Personal Reflection

Skills, Knowledge, and Personal Values to Support My Academic Development
I possess various skills, knowledge and personal values that I believe will support my
academic development. I possess excellent teamwork skills that are necessary for my academic
development. In several social platforms, I have interacted with people from diverse
backgrounds. In my family, I have collaborated with my family members to undertake family
activities. Teamwork is important any professional field. In the course of my academic
development, I will interact with other students and practitioners in nursing and other professions
(Horsley et al., 2016, p.235). Teamwork skills will assist me in supporting my teammates’
towards common goals and giving and receiving feedback form my peers (Wiggs, 2015, p.286).
I already have some knowledge on basic sciences and the healthcare system. I have
already learned basic human biology. Nursing is a health science that requires knowledge of the
biological processes in the human body. I have experienced our healthcare system. Nursing as
healthcare profession, requires knowledge in the healthcare system (Founds, 2018, p.290). The

Personal Reflection2
knowledge that I have will be the basis for gaining further knowledge during my nursing
I already have a positive attitude towards a nursing career. I have always regarded
nursing as a noble profession. I feel that nursing is a calling whose purpose is to improve and
save people’s lifes. Generally, I regard nursing with passion and respect (Koithan, Kreitzer, and
Watson, 2017, p. 265). Since I have respect, passion, and feel that nursing is a noble profession, I
look forward to my nursing academic development (Barrere, Durkin, and LaCoursiere, 2018,
p.15). I am eager to gain knowledge and skills necessary to become a nurse. My attitude towards
nursing will prompt my quest to work hard in my nursing studies.
Academic Writing Aspects
I would like to develop my skills in referencing, citation, structuring, avoiding plagiarism
and writing mechanics. There are different referencing and citation styles. I want to gain
knowledge and skills in writing my academic assignments in all the referencing and citation
skills correctly (Thorpe, and Mason, 2018, p.50). Each of the referencing and citation skill
differs from the other. I want to be able to use the referencing style that is required in my written
assignments. I also want to improve my skills in structuring written academic assignments. There
are various types of written assignments including; essays, reports, presentations, research
papers, research proposals and projects (Thorpe, and Mason, 2018, p.50). Each of the types of
written tasks has its own structure. I want to learn how to structure introduction, abstracts, the
body and conclusion of written assignments.
I want to improve my skills of writing mechanics. I want to lean the correct sentence and
paragraph formats, and how to ensure logical flow in a written work. Sentences and paragraphs
make up written papers and thus their structure and flow are important in written academic

Personal Reflection3
communication (Thorpe, 2015, p.40). I want to learn how to use the correct conjunctional words
in between paragraphs and sentences.
Lastly, I want to learn how to avoid plagiarizing my written work. Plagiarism is against
academic integrity in any discipline. I want to develop skills of citing every source that I use in
my written papers (Thorpe, 2015, p.41). I also want to improve my skills in avoiding direct use
of words as used in the academic source that I read for my assignments.


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Personal Reflection4
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