Organizational Structures and Functions

Module 2 � Assignment – Organizational Structures and Functions

  1. Based on the data gathered, the general picture you have obtained, and the results of the survey (as returned
    to you by your instructor), you will now focus on the organizational structure and functions for the proposed GAH

and Community Clinic.

  1. In order to do so, you will need to define/address the following points:
    a. Define the mission statement for the GAH and Community Clinic.

b. Prepare a simple organizational diagram, depicting the organizational structure (blocks) of the existing Mission
Hospital (MVH), Children�s Hospital (CHOC), and the proposed Golden Age Hospital (GAH), and the community

clinic (CC)

i. Note what common services or functions they can share (e.g., blood bank and laboratory services, shared

operating rooms, pharmacy, etc.)

ii. Explain the organizational relationships between the structure blocks.
c. What is the recommended hospital size (number of beds)?

d. What major services/treatments will be offered based on your survey results at the GAH and the CC? At least

six detailed services/treatments are required.
e. Physician�Hospital integration:

i. How (if appropriate) will you integrate the services of physicians whose specialty is in geriatric treatment within

the GAH /CC?

ii. Address the management aspects, not the clinical ones.

iii. You can choose and explain one of the organizational forms detailed in the following article: Cuellara, A. E. &
Gertlerb, P.J. (2006). Strategic integration of hospitals and physicians. Journal of Health Economics. Volume 25,

Issue 1, January 2006, Pages 1-28.

  1. Survey Questionnaire:

a. Complete the following proposed survey table � column A, that you plan to use in order to obtain the
preferences and perceptions of the seniors of your target segment, assume n=500. (Click the attached to access

the GAH Project tables.)

b. Your instructor will comment on your table and fill out column B (the average response score of the 500 subjects)
in his feedback to you, please write a small analysis on the survey results.

GAH Project Tables
Case 1 – Survey Table
Item # A

To be filled by the student


Results – To be filled by the Instructor

Survey item On a scale of 1-10, where:
10= very much needed, and
1 = not needed

1 How important is it to have specialized care for the senior

community? 7.5

2 How important is it to have a separate area in the hospital
for that senior care separated from the general care of other
patients? 3.5


3 How important is it to have more medical personnel
available to help reduce the risk of falls? 7.0


4 How important is it to have routine physical therapy
available as an option to promote a healthier lifestyle for
seniors? 7.5


5 How important is it to have available in house cancer
therapy instead of having the patient transferred to another
facility? 8.0


6 How important is it to have cardiac (heart) specialized

care? 7.0

7 How important is it to have specialized nutritional care for
seniors like dieticians and special meal planning and
weight control programs? 5.0


8 How important is it for you to have optional care available
in the form of physical therapy and individual health care
classes? 6.0


9 How important is it to have the option of personalized care
in the form of an optional caregiver to have more direct
patient care outside the scope of the hospitals


responsibilities (personal attention)? 7.5

10 How important to you is it to have the option to transfer to
a living facility or home quickly if approved by the
physician and hospital when they and yourself see it to be
in your best interest versus that of remaining as an
inpatient for a few more days? 2.5


11 How important is it to have optional classes to help teach
seniors with their diabetes prevention and/or control? 5.5
12 How important is it to have the option to for neurological
help like help with delirium and Alzheimers? 6.0

13 How important is it to have lessons and classes for care
with ulcer prevention and care to help with diabetic ulcers
or bed sores? 3.0


Case 3 – Budget Table – please fill the empty spaces


To be filled by the

To be filled by
the student

Filled by Instructor

To be filled
by the

Filled by

To be filled by
the student

Service / Treatment Estimated
GAH. (each 10
to 60 thousands
of dollars)

Projected number of
performed annually


relative to

GAH projected
annual gain (or
D – D*E

Example Treatment ABC $10,000 75 $750,000 80% $150,000 (do
not add this
line to total)

1 85 75%
2 50 110%
3 200 80%
4 150 90%
5 50 120%
6 100 100%
7 60 75%
8 75 85%
9 110 95%
10 Miscellaneous expenses -$375, 000