Online Resources for HIV Patients

Patient Education and the Internet Assignment
You, and your peers are looking for reliable Web sites to help educate your patients on a
particular disease state or illness. You are going to prepare a handout for the
patients/families on the use of internet information sources. You should include a list of
general do’s and don’ts for internet information use.
Choose a topic about which you want to education your patients
Identify and cite at least 5 Web sites that have relevant and accurate information for your
patients on HIV
Also identify at least 1 site that patients should AVOID using and explain why
For each Web site you identified, provide a 2-3 sentence evaluation of each of the
Its main purpose
Its credibility (who created the site)
Reliability (peer-reviewed or contributed by experts)
Timeliness of information (its currency)
You can create the hand-out in the form of a consumer hand-out sheet or a simple
brochure. Make sure that you cite any references using APA format.
The purpose of this assignment is to apply knowledge of reliable and valid information
sources to patient education in clinical nursing practice

Online Resources for HIV Patients

Rules of Online information seeking

Go for articles or information that has been prepared by a professional such as a physician or a
volunteer worker.

Peer reviewed articles are also worthy since they have been scrutinized by other experts on the

Do not go for information that is one sided in that it only emphasizes the benefits of something
without exploring or elaborating on possible side-effects.

Research on Healthy eating habits for HIV patients

It will be unadvisable for a patient to consult with -the-
best-foods-for-hiv-patients/ firstly because of the lack of author’s credentials and also the fact
that the web page is full of advertisement material that is included seamlessly with the content
thus a potential cause of confusion (Schaffer, 2010).

of-good-nutrition-when-you-are-infected-with-hiv.html can be used because the author is a
nutritionist, the data contained is current and being in a journal means it is subjected to peer
review thus quality (Bijlsma, 2012).

jsp is also recommended because it is
specific to the United States and not generalized. It is also pretty current, being developed in
2012, as well as the fact that it is sponsored by a healthcare organization (ViiV Healthcare,

the respondents who are featured are professionals in the medical field, actual patients and
statistical data is included to provide reliability. The article was published in 2012 thus
qualifying to be recent (Allday, 2012).


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