Supporting Management Processes

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Discussion Topic 2: Supporting Management Processes

In Figure 6.1, the planning and management process of public health programs is detailed. For this Discussion, select one of the supporting management processes. Using the same health program you identified in Unit 5 Discussion Topic 1, compose a main post in which you analyze this supporting management process within the public health program you selected. Make connections with information explained in the readings assigned this week

Supporting Management Processes

 Management is very essential in ensuring that services are provided in the healthcare. This paper delineates on one of the activities that are essential and contribute to the management process of a public health facility.

 The supporting management process that is effective in setting up a campaign to eradicate polio in a community is preparing a plan with the members of the community. The community plays a key role in this campaign and therefore is supposed to be part of the process. They are the ones affected by the problem and as well they are the beneficiaries of the program hence their need to participate in the program. Planning is very critical and it determines whether the program is successful or not (Byrne, Keys, Schaffer & Solic, 2014). Therefore, they are very important and must be involved in this noble process. Their views will be put into consideration to ensure that the right processes and measures are considered in the implementation of the plan. During planning, the goals and objectives are considered and the appropriate course of action is deliberated on how the project will fair on. Some of the issues that will be discussed at this level will include the mechanism of implementing the project, and the time frame that the project is expected to end. Others are the parties that will be involved in the project, the budget estimation, and the likely sources of finance among many other issues that are very important in contributing to the success of the plan.

 A preparing plan is therefore one of the important support management process that will ensure that the project moves on smoothly. By involving the community, it indicates a sense of belonging and recognition. The community will be able to support the project and this is likely to lead to 100% success of the project hence will benefit the community and as well ensure that the project succeeds.


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