RWJF Roadmaps to Health Winners

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RWJF Roadmaps to Health Winners has demonstrated the National Prevention Strategy priority areas in their work/programs in the many of the following areas. They have put the desires of local population first like in the during Hurricane Sandy, that struck the East Coast, over 500 national prevention service members were positioned to the areas affected, and over 600 more were on reserve. National prevention service members aided with refuge actions, call centers, rubbish removal, and other mass care (Brenner, 2012). They also focused on populations that felt they need some additional attention including our veterans and their families.

Another priority is to strengthen public and private cooperation like The Corporation of National and for the Community Service grant funds to government agencies, local administration, and community nonprofit to help solve some of the pressing problems. For instance, the agency partners with local area organizations on aging. If a volunteer associate shows up at, they are not an employee of the central government, but being a community member, a fellow citizen, and that makes easy for populace to acknowledge their support and for their program to be more effective.

Also the agency uses programs to construct stronger and more sustainable neighborhood networks competent of mobilizing helpers to deal with local needs, as well as disaster preparedness and response. It builds alliances wherever likely across programs and other federal programs. It spends a lot of time and effort reaching to extra agencies, and one significant instance is in the company of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others like USDA Summer Food Service Program. More so, the agency does this by helping rural and economically troubled communities to obtain admittance to public and personal resources. This is necessitated by being intermediaries between the private and public. It also necessitates the collective bargaining on behalf of local populace.

They support varied organizations, together with faith based and other related neighborhood organizations. They also coach them these practices to be self-reliant and discover for themselves. This is by giving citizens just a modest of a hand, educational services and some key support; they can be able to live better-off, more self-determining and improved lives.

The message of Dr. Jeffery Benner was that advanced quality, lower cost care as assured by the vision of incorporated two-way car was going to be politically unsettling (Brenner, 2012). But it was a disruption that was leaped to come and that has to come as the America‚Äôs health care scheme, in the nonexistence of transformative modification, wobbles toward a fall down. At the IPS, Brenner highlighted that providing improved but cheaper health care will disrupt a sanatorium industry built on submission of technologically advanced sickness care and a payment scheme geared to satisfying tests and events rather than cognitive services and conversing to patients (Brenner, 2012).. But he warned that it is a distraction that is bound to happen, and devoid of it, catastrophe could develop.

Both the RWJF Roadmaps projects and the Camden Coalition have tried to bend the high cost curve for health care by having a proposal on a public health law research that makes the case for laws on improving health. The aim of this proposal is to build the verification for and boost the use of effectual regulatory, officially permitted policy solutions to protect and progress the population health and that of public health scheme, this because of the ultra modern technology that is already in process of being installed in various and local health care system. Furthermore, it deals with health care problems at patient level. According to RWJF Roadmaps projects and added proposal that propels the increased quality in the health care.

Hot spotters of population health risks in the health care systems have lately increased in various local health centers. This requires increased campaign to increase awareness on the potential health risks. Spotters have increased in identifying them and this can be signified like for instance, in my local health care agency, where several nurses and clinical officers are tasked with huge reports on various theses.


Brenner, J. (2012). Sociology: Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing It Right for Half the Cost. Florida: CRC Press.