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Media images of starving children vividly reveal the devastating effects of malnourishment. Most nurses do not encounter children at this extreme level of crisis, but they might see patients with abnormal growth rates. Unless abnormal growth is extreme, classifying and detecting abnormal growth rates, which are sometimes indicative of illness or poor nutrition, can be difficult without the proper tools. Growth charts comprise one such tool that can be used to determine whether children are growing normally. For a nurse assessing the health of children, the ability to analyze growth charts is especially valuable.

In this Discussion,Our Nursing essay writing service analyzed the growth charts of three pediatric patients under the age of eight years. Appropriate clinical growth charts recommended by the CDC to determine if the patients have abnormal growth were used. Also identify additional diagnostic tests and assessment tools for identifying possible causes of abnormal growth. When writing an Obesity essay skillful use of precise, purposeful vocabulary is required.

To prepare:

�Your instructor will assign you to one of the children:

Review the growth chart data for that child provided on Growth Chart 1, Growth Chart 2, and Growth Chart 3 located in this Weeks Learning Resources.

Locate the corresponding growth charts on the CDC website and compare the childrens data to the clinical growth charts.

Determine whether the child has a normal or abnormal growth based on the average growth rate. How would you appropriately record this in their growth charts?

�Consider your findings. What additional diagnostic tests or assessment tools should be used with the child? Why?

(When writing an Obesity essay, some subjects are used for comparison)

Our Nursing essay writing service will use the following to complete the paper:

Describe the growth of each child as indicated in his or her Growth Chart provided in this weeks Learning Resources.

Identify which clinical chart you used for each child.

Identify which charts indicate normal and abnormal growth. For each child with abnormal growth, describe the nature of the abnormality. Is the growth abnormally high or low? How extreme is the abnormality?

Explain how you would appropriately record the developmental status of each child in the growth chart.

�Analyze the implications for each child with abnormal growth. Identify at least one health condition or problem that could be the cause of the abnormality. (An Obesity essay should have logical ordering of ideas to avoid confusion. Our professional Nursing essay writing service will ensure your paper is relatively error free)

Explain any additional diagnostic tests or assessment tools you would recommend. Justify why those tests and tools would be appropriate.

Post on or before Day 5 an explanation of the health issues and risks that are relevant to the child you selected. Describe additional information you would need in order to further assess his or her weight-related health. Taking into account the parents’ and caregivers’ potential sensitivities, list at least three specific questions you would ask about the child to gather more information. Provide at least two strategies you could employ to encourage the parents or caregivers to be proactive about their child’s health and weight.

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Seidel, H. M., Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2011). Mosby’s guide to physical examination (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.

Chapter 5, Growth and Measurement

In this chapter, the authors explain examinations for growth, gestational age, and pubertal development. The authors also differentiate growth amongst the organ systems.

Chapter 6, Nutrition

This chapter focuses on how nutrition affects growth, development, and health maintenance. The authors also provide guidelines for assessing nutrient intake.

(The sources provided have theories and schools of thought. An Obesity essay should have relevant schools of thought that demonstrate an understanding of the subject. Our 100% quality guarantee Nursing essay writing service is available)

Chapter 26, Recording Information

This chapter provides rationale and methods for maintaining clear and accurate records. The text also explores the legal aspects of patient records.

LeBlond, R. F., Brown, D. D., & DeGowin, R. L. (2009). DeGowins diagnostic examination (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Medical.

Chapter 4, Vital Signs, Anthropometric Data, and Pain (pp. 5187)

This chapter explores vital signs, temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure. In addition, the authors discuss body size measurements and pain assessment.

Gibbs, H., & Chapman-Novakofski, K. (2012). Exploring nutrition literacy: Attention to assessment and the skills clients need. Health, 4(3), 120124.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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Analyzing Growth Charts

            The child is facing several health risks and issues. The child weighs less than the recommended weight by a few grams. It were better if the child was weighing a few more grams or kilograms but not too much to avoid being overweight or obese. If other percentiles are used, the stature or weight should be more. The child is, therefore, at the risk of being underweight. There is a need for proper care and nutrition (LeBlond, Brown & DeGowin, 2009). (Our reliable Nursing essay writing service will introduce your thesis in the first paragraph of your Obesity essay and ensure the following paragraphs are well developed)

            To assess the child’s weight-related health further, there is a need for additional information. The birth weight of the child should be known and if he has been suffering from any major condition. Relative to the birth weight, it can be identified if the child has being doing well or the weight concern is as a result of a certain condition. The BMI of this child can be calculated as a further diagnosis. (With our Nursing essay writing service, your Obesity essay will be subdivided into sections that ensure the paper remains logical and stick to the main point)

            Specific questions include;

Was the child breastfed and for how long?

What foods are fed to the child? Is he selective on his foods?

Who feeds the baby, caregiver or parent? (Gibbs & Chapman-Novakofski, 2012).

            The caregivers or parents can be proactive in the child’s weight and health if they apply particular strategies. The healthcare provider should first assess the level of knowledge the parents have regarding child care and proper nutrition. This should be the basis for corrections and further awareness creation. The child should be fed on balanced diets of reasonable sizes and various foods (Seidel et al., 2011). (Our Nursing essay writing service uses strong facts and evidence to complete original papers, with 0% plagiarism. Place your Obesity essay order and we will deliver in time). The child should be made to enjoy his meals during family mealtimes. The child should have small portions served in the beginning, and this can make him enjoy his meal and feel motivated to feed more as well as feed himself.


Gibbs, H., & Chapman-Novakofski, K. (2012). Exploring nutrition literacy: Attention to assessment and the skills clients need. Health, 4(3), 120–124.

LeBlond, R. F., Brown, D. D., & DeGowin, R. L. (2009). DeGowin’s diagnostic examination (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Medical.

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