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Nurse Practitioner Admission

Write a statement (500-700 words in length) describing your personal and professional
career goals. In your statement, please be sure to do the following:
 Describe your understanding of the role of the MSN-prepared nurse.
 Describe your reasons for pursuing the program.
 Describe how obtaining this degree will change your future practice.
 Describe what academic strengths and weaknesses you bring to the program and
explain how you plan to grow in these areas.
 Describe what life modifications you have made or will need to make to be
successful in this program.
 Describe your understanding of online/independent learning.

Nurse Practitioner Admission

I do believe this is the right institution to make my dreams come true. At present,
acquiring higher skills and knowledge is essential in promoting and enhancing quality care. I
want to impact on society through the services I provide as a nurse practitioner and believe that
pursuing a Masters of Nursing Science (MSN) program will equip me with requisite skills to
provide better services.
My motivation to pursue a career in nurse practitioner became evident when I witnessed
my grandfather battle with Black Lung and end stage COPD. I was highly touched and felt that
I needed to rise to the occasion and rescue underprivileged people in the society. I come from
Southeastern KY, and people in this community are low-income earners and this deters them
from accessing quality medical care. Therefore, the reason for my interest is to come to the
rescue of this community and impact positively on their lives. Furthermore, the three years of my
practice as a nurse has given me an opportunity to understand nursing practices. MSN-prepared
nurse will impart in me requisite skills to deliver evidenced based care through various
specialties. It will also allow me an opportunity to fulfill my personal goals and as well meet the
healthcare needs of various people in the society today. I further believe that this will open a


door for me to pursue further advanced degree in nursing equipping me with advanced skills in
the field. Obtaining this degree will also enable me to engage in clinical research on various
aspects of health and in the end helping me to contribute in providing of quality health care. I
will also relocate to the eastern KY after the degree to set up my own clinic to provide healthcare
services to the people in the area.
This is an interesting opportunity for me in terms of academics growth. I believe that my
experiences in nursing for the three years will contribute to my learning experiences. I already
posses various skills in the field and this will aid my learning process. However, I have
weaknesses in time management and in learning theories but I believe that I can turn these
weaknesses into strengths. I am determined and dedicated to ensure that I become the best
timekeeper to act as a role model for fellow colleagues. I also believe that teams play a role in
learning. I cherish teamwork and I do believe that this will be a better platform for me to learn
and realize my future dreams. Working closely with the lecturers and taking advantage of any
opportunity that comes in my way will be essential in making me achieve my goals.
Because the program is involving, I will have to make some life modifications to ensure
that I realize my dreams and goals. Some of the modifications that I will have to make this
program successful is to work extra harder. I am faced with a challenge of time as I work full
time and the course requires a lot of time too. I will therefore, schedule my time well to be able
to get enough time to pursue my studies. Secondly, I will also make greater use of
online/independent learning that the institution does offers. This program allows students to
access learning materials through the internet. This platform will be of great significance to my
career. I will therefore, use it more often to substitute my classroom lecturers.


I am optimistic that this opportunity will not only impact on me and enable me to
achieve my professional goals but will also impact on the community. The collection and
combination of skill and knowledge that I will get from this program are beyond reproach. I also
find the institution to be a conducive place for me to pursue this career and realize my dreams. I
believe that granting me this excellent opportunity will be of great importance to the entire


Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. (2013). Master of Nursing Science (MSN) Program;
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