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Indirect Care Experience


Part I: Indirect Care Experience

Develop a pamphlet to inform parents and caregivers about environmental factors that can affect the health of infants.

Use the “Pamphlet Template” document to help you create your pamphlet. Include the following:

1. Select an environmental factor that poses a threat to the health or safety of infants.

2. Explain how the environmental factor you selected can potentially affect the health or safety of infants.

3. Offer recommendations on accident prevention and safety promotion as they relate to the selected environmental factor and the health or safety of infants.

4. Offer examples, interventions, and suggestions from evidence-based research.

5. Provide readers with two community resources, a national resource, and a Web-based resource. Include a brief description and contact information for each resource.

In developing your pamphlet, take into consideration the healthcare literacy level of your target audience.

Part II: Direct Care Experience

1. Share the pamphlet you have developed with a parent of an infant child. The parent may be a person from your neighborhood, a parent of an infant from a child-care center in your community, or a parent from another organization, such as a church group with which you have an affiliation.

2. Provide a written summary of the teaching / learning interaction. Include in your summary:

a. Demographical information of the parent and child (age, gender, ethnicity, educational level).

b. Description of parent response to teaching.

c. Assessment of parent understanding.

d. Your impressions of the experience; what went well, what can be improved.

Importance ·        Smoking and tobacco use is an environmental aspect of air pollution whose drastic effects on health have annually been ignored globally hence people need to realize the danger infants are exposed to and rectify the issue.   ·        Pregnant women, teens, relatives, and public smokers are increasingly exposing children to secondhand smoke with children as young as 12years using tobacco products (Bailey et al., 2009).   ·        Infants exposed to ETS risk slow fetal growth, premature delivery, heart defects, cleft palate, ear infections, breathing problems, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), lower test results and developing lung cancer.    
Accident and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants: Smoking  
Smoking is an emerging issue that governments are fighting against through tobacco regulations yet these seem to do little or no work in curbing this vice which is detrimentally affecting health of people globally (Bailey et al., 2009).  
Resources Available   ·         The Surgeon General’s report   ·         Research by United States Preventive Services Task Force   ·         National Survey on Environmental Management of Asthma and Children’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in 2004 under Environmental Protection Agency   ·         National Institutes of Health                  
Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is affecting physical, emotional, mental and social life of infants in this generation, jeopardizing all aspects of their lives hence concerned persons need to address this problem sooner than later.  
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