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Analyze an audiovisual production, providing alternatives and justifications whe

Analyze an audiovisual production, providing alternatives and justifications where flaws are identified. You will be given a short video portraying a specific topic or event, where subjective or random choices have been made. You will be asked to elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of the provided video, using knowledge from the course (chapters 5 and 7 in particular). More precisely, you will be invited to refer to technical, aesthetic and content-related matters, as well as to ethical, legal and social responsibilities consideration.
The learning outcomes of this assessment are to:
1. Understand the basic concepts of the mass media and the world of social media.
2. Discuss fundamental concepts of contemporary mediated communication.
3. Explain the role and impact of emerging technologies in modern society.
4. Demonstrate ability to communicate knowledge.
You are required to work on, complete, and submit a 1000-word essay. You shall:
1. Examine the provided video and decide on a list of elements that you would want to review. Channel these elements into categories and elaborate on their strengths and weaknesses
(refer to chapters 5 and 7 in particular).
2. For each element, suggest alternatives and describe why your own version would be a better choice.
3. Finally, discuss the matters that you would want to take into account, if you were to produce such an audio-visual product.
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+1 253 220 7292
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