Nursing reflective essays

How to write reflective essays

1.Reflective writing- define what reflective writing is.

2.Introduction- define importance of reflection reference, what will this assay consist of,(this is the account of your work experience, and evaluation of your module- what you have learnt in your module, for example I have learnt about SWOT, CV writing and personal statement, Interview skills, how you can use the Gibbs model and ‘What So What Now What’ model, this can help you to achieve your learning need. 


The WHAT:  Creates the basis for the introduction of the reflection.  What was the module about? What was my experience? With whom did I interact?  In what activities did we participate e.g interview exercise? What was my roles (person been interviewed)?  How was my experience from the exercise? What is a general thesis and preview of your reflection? (DESCRIBE)

The SO WHAT:  

(Classroom)  What was the significance of the module?  What did I learn that enhances my classroom experience?  What did I learn in class that is reflected or is relevant to my life experiences? What skills and knowledge learned in the classroom did I use/apply?  How does my life experience link to classroom concepts? Each reflection should be connected to at least three concepts. Be explicit and identify these terms/concepts with page numbers and make analyses and connections between the concepts and your experiences. i.e. not attending class regularly, being over confident and not understanding the concept of the module. 

(Personal) What did the module mean to me personally?  What are my negative (being over confident and unapproachable and not seeking help appropriate time)and positive (learning new things, able to prepare for interview, knowing things which employers might be looking for, able to sell oneself in an interview, planning ahead for my future goal and working through it through my learning contract and needs and so on)feelings about the module, the people, and the experience?  What did I learn about the people at my module and what are their similarities and differences to me? What instances did I encounter (or information I obtained regarding my module) that “opened my eyes”? What do I think about now that I didn’t think about prior to my module (how this module has changed my mind on my future goal)? How can I use or evaluate this information? (EXAMINE/ANALYZE)

The NOW WHAT (personal and societal):  What impact might my module have on my lifelong learning process?  What impact did my experience have on my everyday life? What impact did my experience have on how I perceive the importance of work experience  during my life stages? What insights did I gain that might assist me in my future or in selecting a career? What is the connection of this experience to my future?  What impact do you think your actions/interactions have had on your personal life and everyone around me? How does this experience compliment or contrast with what you are learning in class? How has learning through work experience taught you more, as the class? In what ways?  What did the work experience teach me about involvement, citizenship, and my civic responsibility? What is the relationship of my module experience to the “big picture”/societal changes? (CONTEMPLATE)

4.Summary of what you have discussed above and now use the Gibbs model to discuss about your work experience.

5.Description -: the name of the place, what you were doing In this section, you need to explain what you are reflecting on to your reader (work placement experience). Perhaps include background information, such as what it is you’re reflecting on and tell the reader who was involved. It’s important to remember to keep the information provided relevant and to-the-point. Don’t waffle on about details that aren’t required – if you do this, you’re just using up valuable words that you’ll get minimal marks for.