Nursing Profession

How do you see yourself contributing to the nursing profession

Nursing profession

People pursue different careers due to various reasons such as passion, interest, hobby,
financial benefits, work gratification, achievement of status among many other reasons. I
decided to pursue a career in nursing because of the passion and the desire to impact positively
on people’s lives. I believe I have the motivation and the will to contribute significant to the
nursing profession by pursing this career path.
As stated earlier, I opted to study this career due to passion and desire to contribute to
change in lives of many people. While growing up, I came across a nurse when I accompanied
my parents at a health facility. The presentation of the nurses at the facility motivated me and
triggered in me a desire in the field, which I endeavored to accomplish. The first impression at
the facility played a critical role in making a decision to pursue the career. Furthermore, the fact
that nurses contributed to the quick recovery of my father at that time made me to like and
desire the profession just to save other patients and help them manage their illness in a good way.
Granting me an opportunity in your institution is a privilege, as it will enable me to
achieve my personal as well as career goals. I do believe that I have a potential to help in the
transformation of the nursing profession. My vision is to ensure that nursing becomes a
respectful profession in the society for its positive contribution. As a nurse, I will be in the
forefront in ensuring that patients access quality services. Patients require better treatment from
the time they step in a health facility to the time they depart from it. I will be in the forefront in
championing the rights of the patients as well as those of nurses. I do believe that if patients are
treated well, they feel good and recover quickly. Likewise, nurses require conducive working
conditions to render quality care to the patients. Striking the balance between the rights of nurses
and patients will, therefore, be one of my major contributions to the profession.
To render quality care, nurses require to adhere to professionalism and codes of ethics.
They must be respectful, honest, have integrity, be independent, and be autonomous among other
values to help patients in their recovery process. As a nurse, I do believe that I will be able to
abide by these principles and help those that go against these codes to ensure that we render the
best services to our patients.
As a nurse professional, I also hope to formulate various programs in the society to
ensure that people live healthy lifestyles. I will champion training programs to encourage the
community members to adhere to healthy living. This will help to improve health standards in

the community. Furthermore, as a nurse profession, I will also participate in the policy making
whereby I will agitate for adoption of various technologies and other innovations in helping
improve service delivery.
I am motivated to pursue this career and I do not intend to retract from achieving that
which I desire. Granting me this opportunity at your institution will enable me realize this noble
dream. As a nurse, I believe that, I can contribute to greater level in restoring the profession just
to see that all the people access quality healthcare. My desire is to impact on the lives of patients
regardless of their age, race, nationality, or religion.