Professional Development

Reflection: Professional Development
Throughout your career so far you have gained expertise in certain areas of nursing
practice. In transitioning to the role of nurse educator, you may find it challenging to be in
the position of a novice again. To help you transition most effectively, you are asked to
reflect on the main insights you have gained throughout this course and prepare a plan for
your future professional development. The focus of this Reflection is to synthesize what you
have learned in this course and program so that you can identify clear goals towards which
to strive and plan how to achieve those goals.
Begin by reviewing the PDP document you completed in NURS 6000, in which you
identified your goals for participating in this academic program. To what extent have you
achieved, exceeded, or changed these? Then consider specific learning activities throughout
this course, such as your Learning Experience, Role Socialization paper, and Discussion
forums. Based on your experiences, what possible challenges and goals have you identified
in your transition to the nurse educator role?
With these thoughts in mind, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you reflect on the course
and on your plans for your professional development.
I. Course Reflection
In 2–3 paragraphs, summarize how this course has prepared you to engage successfully in
the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the nurse educator and to transition to this

II. Professional Goals
Identify the kind of position you are seeking. Describe the specific steps you plan to take in
the next 1–2 years to attain this position and thrive in your career. The following are some
of the activities that should help you develop professionally before or after you attain a
nurse educator position:
�Pursuing a PhD or other doctoral degree
�Taking the CHES, ANCC, NLN, or other certification exam for educators
�Pursing continuing education activities
�Finding a mentor
�Gaining a greater comfort level and confidence in your classroom and clinical teaching
�Arranging for and making use of peer evaluation
�Developing plans for self-evaluation of teaching
�Participating in scholarship activities
�Participating in service activities


�Managing stresses/strains of role
�Working with administration to establish goals, especially involving teaching, service,
and scholarship
For each of the goals you identify, explain how these would help further your professional
development and include a projected timeline for attaining each of the goals.
Summarize these thoughts in a 2- to 3-page paper and submit by the end of this week.
Your written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with
specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and any additional sources. Refer to
the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your citations in the text and reference list are

Nursing Education
Course Reflection

My nursing career has enabled me to gain a fair understanding and expertise in various
areas of nursing practice. I have been able to gain an understanding of important issues required
for a successful nursing practice and development. Throughout my course I have gained insights
that are important in the development of my career as well as confront challenges that are
encountered in the nursing profession. This essay highlights the insights that I have been able to
gain throughout the course, the challenges faced and the plans that are necessary for my future
professional development. The insights and knowledge I gained from the course and experience
are important for my future roles, responsibilities and relationships as nursing educator. I have
gained an understanding of the important aspects of nursing practice that include teaching
methodology, teamwork, problem solving, research, communication and time management.
The course has enabled me to combine my clinical experience with a teaching role for
nursing professionals in academic settings. The theoretical perspectives of the nursing course are


essential in the preparation of nursing graduates for advanced roles that are related to nursing
practice (O’Shea, 2002). The course included interdisciplinary requirements for both the nursing
and science and this provides appropriate contents that are important for nurse educators.
The course was important in the expansion and extension of knowledge gained in the
main nursing education and this gives an important opportunity for students to develop necessary
skills for nursing educators as well as confront and solve important issues in nursing education.
Nursing research is also an important component of the course that helps to develop innovative
ideas required for effective development of the nursing students and profession so as to be able
to meet new challenges in the profession.

Professional Goals and Development Plans

My main professional objective is to become a successful nursing educator. This requires
the development of a comprehensive professional development plan. The career of nursing
educator is challenging and subject to constant changes as a result of the emergent of new issues
in the musing professions (O’Shea, 2002). It is therefore necessary for nursing professionals to
outline and follow specific career development plans so as to ensure that they are able to
effectively perform their roles. To realize my career objective of being a successful nursing
educator, I have developed detailed professional development plan for a period of two years.
There are a number of activities that I intend to pursue to ensure the development of my
Education is important for any career development program. Through education
individuals are able to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge that are essential for effective
performance in their jobs (McKeachie & Svinicki, 2011). My first step towards my career


development in preparation for the new position of nursing educator is to further my career
through education. I intend to enroll in a number of courses that will increase my knowledge in
nursing practice. Within a period of six months, I intend to register for a Certified Health
Education Specialist course. The course will help improve my competiveness in the nursing
practice and provide me with relevant skills and knowledge required for the role of nursing
educator. After taking up the position of nursing educator, I will further my career and pursue a
PhD in nursing. This will be done after I have attained my new position of a nursing educator.
My education program will also continue throughout my career life where I will ensure that I
pursue continuously other disciplines that are essential for my career development and practice.
Before I take my new role, I plan to identify a professional mentor that I will constantly
consult on my new roles and responsibilities. The professional mentor will be a reputable nursing
educator who has been successful in the field for a long period of time. The mentor will help
identify my major weaknesses and strengths and provide me with advice for my future career. I
will be able to consult my mentor every week for a period of two years. I will also register for a
six month communication skills course that is aimed at improving my level of communications.
This is because the new role of nursing educator requires an individual to posses good
communication skills so as to be able to effectively teach various nursing professionals (Billings
& Halstead, 2012).
Time management is an important element in nursing profession hence various nursing
professionals should ensure that they posses good time management skills (Scheetz, 2000). To
improve on my time management skills I intend to schedule my entire program on a daily basis
and ensure that I work in accordance to my daily schedules. Scheduling of my daily programs


will be conducted on a daily and regular basis to ensure that I improve in my time management
skills. Time management skill is important in nursing profession hence as a nursing educator, I
will be instrumental in ensuing that all my students and programs observe strict time schedules.
I will also regularly evaluate my performance by arranging for peer evaluation.
Arranging and making use of peer evaluation will be done on a monthly basis. During the peer
evaluation I will allow my nursing collogues to evaluate my performance and give me feedback.
The feedback given will be useful in determining the key areas where I need improvements so
that I can be able to attain my career objectives. Peer reviews and evaluation is one of the
effective ways of evaluation performances of individuals in different job settings. Peer reviews
and evaluation programs promote professional development by ensuring that individuals are
made aware of their weaknesses and strengths hence act in away that will ensure that they reduce
their weaknesses and put emphasis on their strengths so as to improve their job performance.
From the above professional development plan, I will be able to prepare myself for the new
position of a nursing educator and be able to discharge my duties effectively.



Billings, D. M., & Halstead, J. A. (2012). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). St.
Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.
McKeachie, W. J., & Svinicki, M. (2011). McKeachie’s teaching tips: Strategies, research, and
theory for college and university teachers (13th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin
O’Shea, K. L. (2002). Staff development nursing secrets. Philadelphia: Hanley & Belfus.
Scheetz, L. J. (2000). Nursing faculty secrets. Philadelphia: Hanley & Belfus

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