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Nine Sphere Core Humanitarian Standards

Discuss three of the nine Sphere Core Humanitarian Standards. Identify the one that you
think is most often neglected in the case of natural disasters or complex humanitarian
emergencies. Discuss characteristics of complex humanitarian emergencies in your
response. Share a real example of how these standards were (or were not) applied in a
recent humanitarian crisis.

Response to Post

Hello Lima,
Your post is good since you give a clear definition of a humanitarian crisis and discuss
the Sphere Core Humanitarian Standards. You define a complex humanitarian crisis as a total
failure of authority in a society, country, and region due to a conflict. Such an emergency
necessitates an international response as such a territory is essentially lawless. From your
explanation, one gets to see the need for Sphere Core Humanitarian Standards. The principles
enable proper intervention for communities and people affected by the humanitarian crisis to
maintain their dignity and value (Larson & Foropon, 2018). Your assertion reinforces this notion
that humanitarian aid should uplift communities rather than harm them. The ideology is
encompassed under point four of the Standards. Overall, your post was well-articulated, and one
gets to see the connection between the different concepts.



Larson, P. D., & Foropon, C. (2018). Process improvement in humanitarian operations: an
organisational theory perspective. International Journal of Production Research, 56(21),

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