My Experiences and Goals as a Nurse

In the personal essay you will write your life experience, why you chose to come back to
school which is the assoc RN now a LPN and what you expect to get from
your education. In this essay, you will analyze and evaluate your personal beliefs, goals and
expectations including educational and professional outlook,business and personal
encounters and career transformation.

My Experiences and Goals as a Nurse

Growing up, I could never picture myself doing anything else but becoming a nurse. My
mother was a nurse and my grandmother before that. I would listen to their touching and
inspiring moments that happened to them daily, as well as, the heartbreaking experiences that
they faced. This real human connection made me fall in love with the idea of becoming a nurse. I
would like to use my skills to help patients in the recovery process.
My first opportunity to personal interact with patients came when I was in high school
where I worked as a volunteer at a skilled nursing facility. When I first stepped onto the floor,
the smells and sights of deterioration caused by aging overwhelmed me, at that moment I started
doubting whether I was meant for this line of work. However, my perceptive started changing as
I interacted with the patients. Whether attending to their needs or transporting them, I realized
that most elderly people avoid having eye contact and never spoke unless when it was really
necessary. This became my biggest challenge, because how would I know what they wanted,
how they felt if they did not speak. I visited the patients on a weekly basis over the next year.
This helped me to gain experience and learn to approach the elderly patients. Surprisingly, many
of them found me to be so friendly and began looking forward to seeing me.

As I worked in the facility, I came across several experiences that have had an impact on
my career as a nurse. I remember there was this day that I saw a certain nurse speak and treat the

elderly in a dehumanizing manner. This enormously disturbed me. That day I left and began
crying. For heaven’s sake, these were old people and all they needed was proper care and
concern. Nurses should just view their work as a calling not as a job. Through my exposure, I
recognized that compassion and sensitivity are as integral to healthcare delivery as is medical
In response to my desire to acquire knowledge about the medical profession, I spend my
college breaks standing side by side with operating physicians. The intense and critical nature of
the medical atmosphere has broadened my perspective to the qualifications and characteristics
that nurses mostly possess. For example, I realized that most decisions made by the doctors are
critical to the life of the patients. The decisiveness and intensity with which the physicians must
respond to medical cases is not only appealing to me, but also part of my core characteristics. I
like responding quickly to challenges.
I decided to join the school to continue my involvement in research in nursing-related
activities so that I can enrich and fuel my desire to succeed in my goal of becoming an asset to
my country. I never want to stop learning. I always want to be well equipped to help anyone who
needs me. Furthermore, nursing is a profession where one never stops learning. When

practicing, I learned a lot of things that made me feel incompetent as a nurse. I challenged myself
on what I knew and found out that it was not enough to help me attended to the patients
confidently. Joining school happened to be the best choice. This is one of the best decisions I
have ever made in my life.

I am grateful for the experiences that I have had so far. I cannot imagine pursuing any other
career path at this time.
I believe in motivation as a key for a successful career as a nurse. I consider myself to be
an extremely motivated individual. My parents instilled in me values of strong work ethic and
responsibilities that one should incur to enhance their goals, motivations, and dreams. Therefore,
when I have a goal to achieve, I dedicate myself until I attain the task. This extends my
aspirations as a nurse. I feel that as an emotional and intellectually capable individual, I have a
calling to dedicate myself to helping others.
I intend to establish a Skilled Nursing Care Facility where residents staying in the facility
will receive necessary medication, administered by the nursing staff, and overseen by a Medical
Director. The patients will be encouraged to take part in physically non-demanding activities to
improve their sense of connection and speed up their recovery (Oermann& Gaberson, 2014,
P.57). My facility will focus on offering respectful and nurturing care. We also offer a more
humane, but still a medically-qualified, option to ensure that we provide standard medical
All I would like now is to graduate to get to the point where I can always have the skills
and knowledge to be there for people. I just want to see my childhood dreams come true. I

cannot wait to show my gratitude to all those who have been there for me throughout this
journey. I believe with care, understanding, determination and inspiration I will be one of the
greatest nurses our country has ever seen.


Oermann, M. H., & Gaberson, K. B. (2014). Evaluation and testing in nursing education.

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