My decision to be a nurse

Compose a one page purpose statement for a nursing student looking for admission into
the Doctor in Nurse Practitioner program.

Personal Statement

My decision to be a nurse is a lifelong childhood dream emanating from my admiration of my
parents’ career: nursing. I am proud to have graduated from University of… with a BSN in
December 2006. Upon graduation, my first staff position was in a busy ICU at…. I have
participated in regional critical care consortium, and I have also practiced as a charge nurse, code
first responder, pressure, and an ulcer prevention unit educator and a mentor to novice nursing
students. Nursing career has given me the freedom to venture into unchartered territory and
improve community’s health. While I pursue a Doctor in Nurse Practitioner program in ……
university, the institution will in return be rewarded with my valuable nursing contribution.
My choice to enroll for DNP program at xx xxx University is for academic development. After a
thorough research and discussion on the DNP program with my mentor, I firmly believe no other
program can offer the same breadth and autonomy of curriculum and critical exposure. The
programs emphasize on the moral and ethics Christian values will aid in bringing my goals and
aspiration to fruition. Additionally, I am amazed by the awareness and reaction of the program to
the contemporary issues within the America’s healthcare system. I find this type of exposure
indispensable for my scholastic and professional development.
I am at a point in my professional career where I feel that I have almost exhausted every path of
opportunity and challenges within my current academic level. While I bring creativity and
heartfelt compassion to my patients at my workplace, I have been left yearning to provide care

on a greater scale. Therefore earning my DNP will allow me to deliver care at a more significant
level and hence satisfy my personal, spiritual and professional growth. It is imperative to note
that as much as I am focused on self- promotion, health promotion through nurse businesses and
research remains my chief goal.
A Doctor in Nurse Practitioner program from XXX University combined with my experiences
will enhance my confidence and credibility in overcoming all healthcare hurdles that I encounter.
Equally important, while promoting health, I will also be promoting the nursing profession. As
the number of nursing businesses grows, so is the possibility for potential nurse students, which
is important especially in the midst of a shortage of general physician. I have a record of
excellence and will continue to challenge myself at XXX University. I believe that this process
of furthering my education will profoundly impact on my life and I will make the significant
contribution to my family, community and the profession. I am fortunate to have a solid
foundation on which to anchor a promising future doing something I love. I am grateful for the
opportunity to grow within the nursing profession.