Mental health

Discuss how social determinants affect health it is important to mention that these
determinants affect mental health along with physical health. “Mental health is a state of
successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling
relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with
challenges” (Healthy People 2020). Some of the mental disorders are bipolar disorder,
dementia, depression, schizophrenia and anxiety. According to Healthy People 2020
“Mental disorders are the leading
cause of disability in the United States, with approximately 1 in 17 U.S. adults exhibiting a
debilitating mental illness in any given year. (Healthy People 2020). What are your thought
on mental health as a health determinant? How does mental health impact physician health
and what social determinants contribute to it? What public health efforts are you aware of
at your State level for addressing mental health?
Healthy People 2020. Mental health and mental disorders. Healthy People 2020.

Response to Post

Hello Wright,
Your post is interesting since it focuses on the determinants of mental health. While
many people are familiar with the social determinants of physical health, there is an absolute
disregard for psychological well-being. It is essential that social programs also focus on the
mental well-being of people to ensure good health outcomes. Mental health issues affect a
person’s ability to function normally and can reduce the ability to engage in self-care (Allen et
al., 2014). A person with a mental health issue may ignore personal grooming and may live in
isolation without seeking social assistance. On that note, public health programs must include
individualized plans to help people based on his/her socioeconomic backgrounds. Such a strategy
will lead to increased productivity in society and a better quality of life for everybody.



Allen, J., Balfour, R., Bell, R., & Marmot, M. (2014). Social determinants of mental
health. International review of psychiatry, 26(4), 392-407.